Got my FF on3performance turbo kit!

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  1. Man I am so glad to see what you have done since I have been gone. I cant wait to see the numbers you put down, you have always been ingenuitive
  2. When do you plan on getting the fuel system in and getting it tuned???
  3. yea man its been along time!! what do you have now?

    soon... hopfully! i m hoping to odder the injectors and fuel pump with in the next week, then i still need the lines, fitting, and MAF:mad:
  4. HAHA, 1974 Nova Custom with LSX, but i am in the market for another stang very soon
  5. oh nice! i bet she runs good!

    heres a little sneak peek of the car:cool:

  6. Thats what I am talking about!
  7. Redunculous....

    Your cop neighbor is gonna love u even more with the sound if that monster ass turbo lol...Prolly better than your old cams rattling his windows out though lol
  8. you leave the n/a cams in it?
  9. yea its alot quieter now! we haven't had any problem with him since...:D

    no, traded them in on a set of MHS stage 2 turbo cams
  10. :fuss: More videos, the sneak was way too short.
  11. The hell is with psl and the wind? This vid and ryans vid of his cams sound like you both were recording in a wind tunnel lol
  12. full video's will be here soon, i got the aeromotive A1000 pump, sump for the tank and the 80lb injectors:D just need some lines and fitting

    yea its always windy here! maybe it because were only 4 miles inland:shrug: and ryan house is about 1 mile inland!
  13. only about 2 miles inland and im not in a wind tunnel :srug:
    Weird how the weather is so much different 3 hours away lol
  14. Did you have to drop the k member or unbolt the motor mounts or anything when pulling the longtubes and installing the new headers since u have the upr k member?
  15. nope! i dint even unbolt the motor mounts! they came out very easy. all i had to do was take the starter off for the passenger side, and the LT's literately fell out :rlaugh:
  16. going to be getting my k member next week so thats good news!
  17. i will have to put a k-member on in the future. lt's are a nightmare with the stock one.

    when are you getting it tuned?
  18. I've been really wanting to get one of these on3 kits. I'm happy to hear you're so pleased with it, makes me a little more confident in buying one. Interested to see the tuned numbers. Looks like I just put a tubular k member kit on my mod list!
  19. it will be a little time before its tuned, the fuel system is coming together slowly. i just spent $720 bucks this week for the injectors and fuel pump:mad: still need the MAF also:(