Got my FF on3performance turbo kit!

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  1. Ah. Didn't know it had a fox rear in it.
  2. well after a week of welding i said hell with the sump, and ordered a 10 gallon polished 6061 aluminum cell with a sending unit:nice:


    got all the stock tank junk out, and pump mounted


    And dont pay attention to those hideous dirty old wheels :notnice:

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  3. Ok now your really net messing around lol fuel cell wow
  4. Ahh, good to know.
  5. Nice build i am thinking about this on3 FF kit for my 02 2v GT i would like to see the numbers you are putting down.
  6. had the car on the dyno, on 10lbs, untuned, blowing the spark out, and it made 525/513, its now on 13lbs, better tune and it went [email protected] not sure on the HP numbers
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  7. NON-PI :hail:
  8. Yep, you can make a 10 second Ford Pinto if ya' tune it right......