Got My Innovate LC-1 and DB Gauge.. Step by step install

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  1. I just received my Innovate LC-1 Wideband Controller and DB-1 Blue Digital Gauge..

    I will make this thread a step by step install with many pics as I go.. Should have it all wrapped up in the next 24 hours or so except for welding in the bung, which will have to wait until the roads melt..

    I'll post pics soon :nice:
  2. Wes has some great info on his webpage. His site deals with the dataQ and tweecerR/T. The only thing I do not like about Wes's page is that it says ground were the eec grounds but does not give pin numbers/wire colors of those grounds in a 94-95. That information is found on a search here, but there is some question as to what ground route is the best. That information on Wes's site would make his link perfect. I am not knocking Wes either we all know he is more than super helpfull more of something I noticed.

    I was planning on taking some pics of routing and stuff as well as some basic pics of how the tweecer is setup logging with the EGR/switch method.
  3. I will only be datalogging with my laptop and watching the db gauge so the lc-1 and gauge will be sharing a common ground.. That will have to be changed when I make up my mind and buy a pms or AEM EMS..
  4. I'm running a day behind so I'll have a ton of pics up tomorrow.. I have to drive 5 hours round trip to look at cars for my girlfriend. Hope she appreciates what I do for her lol...
  5. with my gauge the stereo cable sends the was my understanding the db16 or wathever digi. guage power/ground is only to power it not having anything to do with the readings?

    From my reading (yet to totally finished due to crap cold weather and the holidays) and how mine is setup the analog sig. ground wires (green and white IIRC) are ground to the same ground as the eec but I have read nothing about the digi gauge needing to share that ground as well or the main ground of the LC1 (blue IIRC).

    I am very interested in this as of course I am not finished installing it. I want to log via the EGR with a switch at some point and am all ears about how someone did that. It was my understanding you go to the EEC ground or power for that input on the eec?
  6. "Connect the gauges Black ground wire at the LC-1's white ground point.. This ground point should ideally be an engine block ground"

    Taken right off the DB digital quick start guide (white sheet that comes with the gauge)
  7. my instructions for my gauge has 0 mention of this at all. It does not even mention the ground. It may be that we are using 2 diff. gauges. Sorry about that as I left everything in the car and did I get the two gauges confused...XD...DB...LC....LM....can we get a few more 2 letter product names that are hooked up totally differently?

    This is the exact #3. Mounting and Connecting the XD1, just realized this is probably the difference...:lol:...worth mentioning if not to get the specific info out. This is on the 15 page XD-1_Manual_1.2.

    "1 If not using a commercial gauge pod, cut at 52mm hole into the intended dash location.

    2 Insert and mount the XD-1 and mount it with the included mounting bracket, leaving the XD-1 cables in the back accessible.

    3. Connect the RED wire from the back of the XD-1 to a switched 12v source in your car. A switched 12v source goes on as soon as the ignition on the car is on or the engine runs. Make sure the connection is fused with at least a 2A fuse.

    4. If connecting to a LM-1, connect the XD-1 to LM-1 cable to the LM-1's serial port. Plug the 2.5mm male stereo end into the XD-1 serial IN port (female 2.5mm socket marked "IN").

    5. If connecting to an LC-1 or LMA-3, connect the male 2.5mm stereo to male 2.5 stereo cable between the Serial OUT port of the LC-1 or the Serial OUT of the LMA-3 to the Serial IN port of the XD-1.

    6. If using a computer to datalog or download LM-1 data, connect the XD-1 to Computer cable between the Serial OUT prot of the XD-1 and teh computers serial port."
  8. Yeah, it must be different with the x-16...

    I had mine powered up to calibrate (O Volt reading was dead on 7.35) which would tell me I have good signal

    BUT, I pulled the gauge back out of my pillar to wrap some electrical tape around it to make it tighter and two of the wires pulled out of the pins on the connector!!!!!

    I was very angry. I didn't yank on it or anything.

    I called Innovate tech and they sent me out a new one today free of charge.. I"m very happy with their customer service thus far, but it'll be a couple more days till she works :(
  9. wheres the writeup? LOL

    I have to get off my butt and install my LC-1 so I can get some serious tweecing done.

    I have no gauge to display my read outs and am having a hard time trying to find one without dumping serious $$$$
  10. Wow..This is old.. I ended up going thru my pictures and decided they sucked so I didn't do a writeup at all