Got My Saleen SC Wheels

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  1. **** NEW PICS ON PAGE 2 ****

    Well I got half of them anyway, I got the fronts 17x9s, the rears 17x10s are on backorder and im still looking for some 285/40s.

    I have one question about them to, anybody have a problem with the center caps not fitting, the dust caps pushed them off when I test fit a wheel today. I think I might run a very thin spacer, maybe 1/8th of an inch because my finger barley fit between the rim and strut also. I'm going to hopefully get the tires mounted tomorrow, then I'll post more pics.




  2. Those look nice , really like those F1's you got also. so what is the tire size? i want to know if you have clearance issues when your done.
  3. I knew I forgot something, there 255/45s, I dont think I'm going to have any major clearance issues except at full lock
  4. cool, i was going to do the same setup like you, 17x9, but the rims are all black and i wondered about clearance issues.
  5. They look great. I can't wait to get mine as well. I ordered a set about a month ago and I am picking them up on April 5th. I already have the front tires and just ended up buying a set of BFG 275 drag radials for the back. Do you know when you will be getting your rears in?
  6. Im not sure, I ordered mine from 50resto, and I guess their having problems getting them from wheel replicas, they haven't giving for sure date yet.
  7. If you gotta run spacers, get hubcentrics and upgrade the studs
  8. :nice:
  9. I love those rims ! :drool:
  10. Ohh man your never guess what happened today, it made me pissed. Well first I went to Sears to get one tire mounted on a rim for test fit, it looked awesome.

    Except they hit the very corner of the front fender about halfway to lock, turning the steering wheel. I hoping I can just trim the corner off anybody ever have the same problem?

    Then I went to get my other front mounted at sears and as soon as I inspect it after they rolled it out, I got pissed :mad: there was a foot long scratch on the outer lip.

    So I had to run home and get my receipt so they would pay for me to get a new one. They payed me in cash which was nice, so now i have to order another front wheel, but I did get my old wheel back from them, so I'm going to use it as a spare or just use it as decoration.


    I dont think Ill be going to sears again

    O and I found out I dont need spacers
  11. post up some pics with the fronts mounted
  12. Good luck on the 17x9's up front, must be a green car problem becuase I run 03 Cobra wheels on my car and they rub bad on full lock turns. They hit the fender just like yours do, and I have stock springs still.

    I was actually going to make a thread about it in Tech to see if someone had some ideas or opinions on something I'm not thinking through. I'm considering selling my wheels and getting some 8" wheel becuase the problem is annoying. Good luck, if you figure out something please let me know.
  13. do the 91 up front fenders have more room since they came with the 16" pony's?
  14. Dude, your wheels look nice, but the floors are outstanding!
  15. How long untill the rear are off back order, and how much $$$$$ if you dont mind. Where did you purchase them.. I have been wanting a BLk wheel wth chrome lip, those look like the one's.....
  16. Nice wheels, cant wait for pics when they are mounted!!!
  17. Im not sure, I ordered mine from 50resto, and I guess their having problems getting them from wheel replicas, they haven't giving me a for sure date yet.

    I payed $118 the fronts and $125 for the rear
  18. Love the wheels. I've been thinking about them myself in silver though. Can't decide on 17x8 or 17x9 up front. I think the 17x8's look too flat.
  19. I had the 17x9's up front but too much rubbing so I went to 17x8's. I have 245/45 up front and no rubbing issues with h&r sports.
  20. They dont have a # to call them?? I would realy like to check avail.