Got my Shelby yesterday...loved everything except..

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  1. GREAT Pictures! Thanks for sharing. I love all your cars and especially the Shelby. Thanks again for the post and good luck with her.
  2. Congrats on the purchase and reciept. You write this will be your DD, will you ever take it to a track 1/4mi or auto X?

    Would love to know you impressions of the weight distro.
  3. MK2 GT, Love the color btw i thought i was going to be one of the frist cars in south florida looks lke when i get my car next week well have to take them to the track i have a Vista Blue with white strips coming soon

    Was that the car on the show room floor. At world ford Kendall if so i was there when they got it off the truck. What did you get them down too. here is a pic of the car with there acking price on it


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  4. Hi bud, I got them "down" to 65K out the door. which transaltes to about 15K over sticker + taxes. I also got lojack and that also added to the cost above the 65K.

    You are going to love the car man. I am learning how to use this super charger and it is a rocket ship. The Blue one sounds great. Drop me a PM when you get yours .
  5. i saw a shelby, a viper? i believe, a land rover, and a navigator.... woah... nice rides...

    was i right, blue viper?
  6. Yes Adams here is the Viper




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  7. thats a nice car along with the shelby. how do you like it? i know when i asked that question before i got the answer, "dont know how dodge hasnt gotten sued for this car yet!"
  8. I really like the Viper but the truth is that I changed an awful lot. I had motor work done, I had a super charger installed , I re did the exhaust (got rid of the cross over) , headers, all that eliminated some of the cockpit heat issues. I really, really love the Viper . They got it right with the SRT-10 IMHO
  9. Congrats on the Shelby, it's goregous! :nice:
  10. MK... Nice move i new that they would come down on the price. I offered them 55K that day but the turned me down i really loved that color combo Only your viper gives me hope that i made the right choice. That has always been one of the sharpest color combos for the viper. I live in south miami off sunset dr and 77th and most mondays Some of us ford guys meet out at Fudruckers at around 8:30. I have a 2002 Harley davidson F150 there is a group of us that meet to eat and talk. its mostly Mustang but both me and a buddy have gt500 on order Mine is built just waiting for it to be shipped and his is a few weeks out
  11. Congrats!!! The car is beautiful! It's sad my deal went south. I just bought a new Z06! Not one regret.
  12. That is a very nice car! But it looks like so long as there are 8,000 other people like you who will pay any price to have the car, I won't be getting one for MSRP.

  13. That is the same case with my v6. I'm curios why this is cause 12 gallons shouldn't make that much difference but it does. perhaps it is where the gas tanks are actually located. :shrug:

  14. When it comes to acceleration, weight is weight, it wouldn't matter if your were dangling the fuel tank out the side window like a brief case.

    It's more evident in your 6-cyl, because the lower power means that extra weight changes the power/weight ratio more easily. Simple math. The less powerful your car, the more it will be affected by weight changes.