Got my SLP line lock installed!

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  1. It took us just over an hour. It was the second time around for friend who did most of the work. The SLP kit came complete. Total bolt on kit. I read other brands require you to fabricate your own brake lines.

    The SLP line lock kit works like a check valve. Flip the switch and it activates the solenoid. It will allow brake fluid to go to front brakes but it won't let any return. So you step on the brakes, flip the switch, release the brakes, and the front ones are locked. Put it in gear and burn out with ease.

    I put the included toggle switch in the useless coin holder. That way, the switch is somewhat recessed to minimize the chance of accidental activation. I also installed a keylock switch next to the power outlet infront of the shifter. I haven't wired it in yet but I'll hook it up in series so both switches have to be on for it to activate. With the keylock in the OFF position, the toggle switch is useless. With the keylock in the ON position, the toggle switch will work as normal. That just ensures I don't accidentally hit it. It also makes it safer for someone else who might be driving my car. And my kid won't use up half my tires when he borrows my car. :)

    After I wire in the keylock switch, I'll have to figure out how to tie it into the switch on the parking brake that lights up the [BRAKE] indicator on the dash. That would be a neat and clean way to provide some warning that the line lock is active.

    Now, I'm ready for this year's racing season... :nice:
  2. awesome man, Im interested in that kit as well. Any pics of the install? Is it pretty straight forward for someone who knows how to turn a wrench?
  3. Well that just kicks major ass... gonna have to get me one of them :)
  4. I was busy installing the switch inside the car while my buddy was under the hood. I didn't get any pics. I can try to take some of the kit installed tomorrow.

    The solenoid goes right underneath the brake master cylinder assembly. The SLP kit comes complete so the lines are all pre-bent. It's just a matter of disconnecting a line or two and connecting new ones. One wire goes from the solenoid to 12v. The other line feeds through the firewall, under the dash, to the center console, to the switch, then to ground. That simple.

    The most work was bleeding the brake system.

    I was at a stop light on the way home and flipped the switch and spun them a bit. :)

    This thing also works as a hill holder!
  5. PM me if you need wirring diagrams for lighting up the brake switch. i am setting up mine the same way.
  6. That would save me a lot of time. Yea, post or PM me what to connect where. :nice:
  7. awsome, i love your keylock switch idea, if i ever do a line lock i'm goin slp and doing what u are!:nice:
  8. Here's the SLP switch and the coin holder. I drilled a hole through the coin holder for the switch.

    Here's the keylock switch. I bought it online at BG Micro. They are less than a dollar. This switch is mounted next to the power outlet by the shifter. I haven't wired it in yet but I will. As long as I have the key in my pocket when someone else drives my car, I know they won't waste my tires. :)

    One more thing... if I don't step on the brakes really hard before locking it, I can do a rolling burnout with ease. It makes it really easy since I don't have to balance the gas and brake pedals the whole time. It's a nice way to leave parallel black lines to mark the area as RWD territory. :)

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  9. The SLP switch installed in the coin holder.

    The keylock switch. I found a black washer that will give the keylock switch an outline, much like the power outlet.

    The solenoid installed, right under the master cylinder.

    svttech76: Did you get around to wiring it up to the [BRAKE] warning light on the dash?

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  10. looks really clean, I like it and hope to do it eventually as well
  11. Well, NICE clean instal man! Ill be buying one too.

    Unfortunatly my coin holder is in use (SCT flip switch), so here is what ill do.

    Im going to direct wire the fog lights to always ON when the parking lights are on (I almost never turn them off at night anyways). then im going to wire the line lock into that switch....noone will ever know that my Fog light button is a line lock button LOL and noone will even mess with it. Plus the LED light will come ON when its activated. :nice:

    Thats the plan anyways :D.

  12. There was a post on some message board (at least I heard about it), where someone tapped into the cruise control OFF button and used that as a momentary switch. He had a toggle switch under the dash that switch the button from being a line lock switch or its normal cruise control function. I thought that was cool but I didn't want to tear into the car that much. At this point, I can remove the entire line lock kit and replace the coin holder and there will be no traces of it ever being there.
  13. Moved... Better tech in this thread than most.

  14. i agree.
  15. great looking setup.. the key idea is genius. i plan on installing the same kit next month and will have to put a key on it as a safety switch too.
  16. I thought about a momentary switch but a momentary switch can fail too. It can fail in the closed/ON position. Or something heavy might rest against the button. Having two switches significantly decreases the odds of the line lock being active when you don't want it active.
  17. yeah i will be doing the same setup soon. that was a great idea prophead. the key makes it a lot safer for those of us that have kids or dumb people in the car. ( yes i work and hang out with some dumb people)
  18. First off, it sounds like a really cool thing. Now does it disable the back brakes? Or does it just serve the same as you holding your foot on the brake? I want to eliminate eating up my back brakes when I want to do a big burnout.
  19. Activating the line lock basically pinches the front brake lines (sort of). You step on the brakes and all four wheels get braking pressure. Hit the switch to activate the line lock, then take your foot off the brake pedal. The rear brakes will be released but the front brakes will still be on. Then you do your burnout.

    If you are driving and hit the switch, you'll still be able to apply braking pressure to *all* four wheels. The only thing different is when you take your foot off the pedal, the front wheels will still be braking and the rear wheels won't.
  20. Thanks for the explanation, I want one too!!!