got my @ss handed to me by buick Grand National

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  1. I was running down the highway today doing about 55 and a black buick pulls up beside me and revs the motor, so i was thinking "no problem, i'll beat him" so i nodded and we took off, he started pulling away hard, I mean hard. I was like "WTF?" then after we slowed down i looked at his car and it had a badge on the side that said "Intercooled" then I remember my dad saying something about a Buick Grand National made during the 80s that was real fast. It was embarrasing to say the least :nonono: , what kind of motor do those have?
  2. just a v6 with a turbo
  3. :lol: :rlaugh: say it with me now "Drag Strip"

  4. I see you learned something new :D. In 1987 the Buick Grand National was the fastest U.S. production car. It doesn't take a lot to beat a stock one, but like any other factory boosted car, they can be made much faster very easily.

  5. The 87 Buick Grand National was the fastest production car in the 80's,heck it would beat anything from 1974 to the mid 90's.It was a Turbo charged 3.8 litre and went mid to high 13's in the 1/4 mile.And by now most of them are tweaked :nice:
  6. Yeah I don't look at any Grand National as easy...but they weren't the fastest car made...what about the zr1 :nice:

    The Grand National alone wasn't to fast...but the GNX Grand National... :hail2: ...only like 1000 made or something like that...probably one of my top dream cars...
  7. True,the zr1 and the callaway were faster but they were kind of a specialty car.And yes the GNX was the [email protected] think new they were 37 grand,cool looking car though.
  8. Callaway is not a production car, and I don't believe the ZR1 was made in 1987 (first year 1990 I think?)

  9. Willys1 said it was the fastest car from 1974-mid 90's...and I know there was some european cars quicker also...

    The zr1 was made in either 89 or 90 I can't remember...7200rpm redline :nice:
  10. The ultimate granny car :nice:

    Here is the car I dream about:

    Only 547 made...I was off...and the power ratings are underrated and through a 4spd auto...
  11. I was looking at GN before I bought my car. I didn't like the way they looked compared to a Stang. The prices were high as hell also. But Gn's are fast cars.
  12. If you took a stock 87 Buick Grand National to the drag strip it would smoke almost any stock stang to date. It will run 13.8 and .9's all day long. The GNX, of which they made 547, runs high 12s stock with just slicks, is a BEAST. It was the fastest car in 1987, 0-60 in 4.9 seconds. Thats right, Buick's were taking lambo's and corvette's in 0-60. And you could comfortably sit 5 people.

    My uncle Brad has one of the 547 GNXs, he's run to date a 10.96 in it on the stock block. You can beat that crap out of that 3.8 and it will love ever second of it. Gale Banks, who made the fastest pick up truck in the world on diesel power, had his hand in the turbo design.

    Despite my love for mustangs, I'd trade mine in a second for a Grand National. And to order replacement parts, you need to prove to Buick that you are the owner of the car before they will ship them. :flag:
  13. Here was mine. Made 505 HP on race and 455 HP on pump fuel. Only had a couple of mods. Big downpipe, TE44 turbo, 42# injectors, full exhaust, chip, shift kit and that's about it. Very fast but a very poorly made vehicle. Well it was your typical mid-80's GM toilet. Bouncy speedo needle, A/C vents broke when touched, Hydrobooster brake system (horrid), uncomfortable, rattle trap, etc. When it was pointing straight and you put it on the floor, look out!


  14. Trade a Stang, for that, sure being fast is great and all but when you have interior pieces falling apart along with everything else like most GM cars, a Mustang that runs mid to high 14s stock is much nicer to me. I'm sure its a nice RACE car, but would you want to rattle around town in it everyday wondering what will tear up next?
  15. Joe, I was hoping going through this thread that you posted....500HP Auto!! :lol:

    It's funny..I guess the starter of this thread must be young..all of us mid 30's+ guys know about these cars.
  16. I know about grand nationals and im not a old guy like you all. Horespower TV! :nice:
  17. :drool:
  18. i heard about these car when i was in 11th grade. a kid in my weightlifting class was talking about how he wanted one. he showed me a pic and it just seems tooooo elderly driver to me. id take a stock 14 sec stang over that pretty much on anyday.
  19. even i know about them and i'm a 17 year old girl. i did find it hard to believe a buick could be that fast though...until i rode in one

    and i whole heartedly agree w/ 17y/ostanger...i think it's probably one of the ugliest cars out there but looks aren't everything when it comes to cars