got my @ss handed to me by buick Grand National

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  1. What was so embarrassing about it? :shrug: You got beat by a reputable performance car. A legend if you will. No shame in that. Come out along side me at 55...we'll goldrush it and when I'm still running even with you at 100, then you can be embarrassed if you want. :D BTW, I'll be in my jeep not my slowGT. :jester:
  2. Didn't they have one called a T-type? What was that about?

    A friend of mine was given one for his high school graduation. It was some sort of light blue, with aluminum wheels. It was beautiful. He took me for a ride. That thing was just awesome. About two months later, he wrapped it around a telephone pole. :(
  3. The "T" Type was basically the same car with a few more creature comforts. It was based on the Regal. It's very similar to the comparison between the Mustang and the Capri or the Thunderbird and the Cougar. Same car, couple minor differences. I don't believe that the Regal came out with an equivalent to the GNX though? I've actually seen fewer "T" Type Regals around that Grand Nationals. I'm not sure what the production numbers on them were? :shrug:
  4. Nope,GSX Stage 1--------the only reason these cars never ran in the 12's in road tests was because tires in 1970 [email protected] :notnice: You put a pair of slicks on the stage 1,and you were in the 12's all day.The regular 455 was a slug for some reason.But 1970 was a banner year for muscle cars,,,454 LS-6,,,396-L-78,,,350-LT-1,,,426 Hemi,,,440-6 Pack,,,429-Boss,,,428 Cobra Jet,,,Pontiac Judge,,,Oldsmobile 442-W-30,,,Buick stage 1,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  5. There is a video on the web with one making over 1000hp, you might wanna check it out.
  6. buicks and regals are border jumper lowriders. they look like hell but happen to be very fast, SO WHAT!! if your 40+ years old will fit you nice
  7. :nonono:
    You sir, are an idiot. Have a nice day. :flag:
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  9. nope to the GS stage 1? I know for a fact the 70buick in the garage is an original 70 GSX stage 1. I have never heard of a GS stage 1.
  10. Ring a bell?
  11. Yup...ya had it coming. Don't bother counter-slamming, just take your medicine and move on.:D
  12. What about the 1995 cobra r with the 351 windsor according to a mag I have the 1995 cobra r ran high 12's as well just stating what the mag states. Its not surprising that these were the fatest production stangs during that time.

    hypertech programming,trickflow intake,off road h-pipe,flowmasters 40,bbk shorty headers, bbk underdrive pullies,granatelli mass air,bbk 65 mm throtle bbk cold air, 160 degree thermostat, 373 gears, eibach springs, 18 inch cobra r's
  13. yup, the 1995 R was a bit of a beast, but they were comparing the GN to the fastest cars in the '80's, not the 90's.

    Problem with the "R" was, that you could only get in it White (which I still liked), crappy V-6 interior, no radio, inflated price tag and there were only 250 made.

  14. I dont think that is quite write. The 70GSX stage1 was a top of the line model and they take GS to make fake GSX's as the GSX price is also about 10x that of a GS. The GSX was faster than the GS. LIke I said the 70 in the garage is a GSX stage 1, 100% fact, and yet no mention of the 70 GSX stage 1. I have yet to see anywere else were there is a GS stage 1. Not saying that the GS did not have a 455 but that that site is off somewere, that and I have seen the GSX stage 1 trap speeds and 1/4 times elsewere rated at the "GS stage 1" numbers on that page making me think its not 100% accurate.

    long story short that is why I asked with a ???
  15. Im 37,and yeah,when ya put it like that :nice: I graduated in 85,my buddy had a brand new GT(That his daddy bought him) And his neighbor had a 1970 GS 455(not a stage one) and they raced 0-70mph,and the GT smoked him!!They were very heavy,and you needed that 510 pounds of torque(That The stage 1's had) To get them moving.A couple of years later the GS owner bought a Grand National.(I think thats where this thread started) :rlaugh:
  16. those things are ridiculous but very rare
  17. Buick had another torque monster in the early 60's.A Rivearer(not sure of spelling,,!964 I believe) with a 425cid,with dual 4 barrels,if the car wasnt so heavy,it would have been pretty quick :nice:
  18. The GN is a great performance automobile until you have to turn or stop! And those old G-Bodies love to rust like Rosie O'Donnell loves to eat. Keep your stangs fellas!
  19. Neil just got back from the KCIR with his GN....

    110 fuel, 26* timing borrowed race chip, 16" street radial tires, through the mufflers. I made 5 passes. I was real rusty, hadnt been to the track in they are.

    12.54 @ 114.14mph, 2.14 60ft.

    12.37 @ 114.40mph, 2.11 60ft
    22-23psi, added 2psi fuel

    12.23 @ 117.26mph, 2.16 60ft

    11.86 @ 117.09mph, 1.91 60ft
    23psi, saw a 26psi spike in 2nd gear, Manually shifted 2-3

    11.99 @ 116.20mph, 1.95 60ft
    23psi, Manually shifted 2-3 a little late, kissed the rev limiter, oops, guess I was excited!

    Im very please. Car was a little on the rich side all night. Friday Im going with slicks and more boost. Should hopefully be some mid 11s. We will see.
  20. You are so rite!! My mom got a new one in 85,a basic regal,not a GN.God forbid if it was raining,it handled like [email protected] :notnice: