got my @ss handed to me by buick Grand National

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  1. Here's what I could find... someone mentioned a Riviera earlier... so eh.
    I've raced a GN before, it must have been a pre-'87, I walked away from it pretty badly from a stop.

    '65 Riviera GS 425ci
    360hp 465tq
    7.2 = 0-60
    [email protected]

    '70 GS 455 Stage 1
    350hp 510tq
    5.5 = 0-60
    [email protected]

    There is no real difference between the '70 GSX and GS (both could be had with the regular 315hp 455 or with the 350hp Stage 1 455)... except the GSX had lower production #'s, different badges, stripes, a hood tach, etc... It just depended on what engine/trans/gears combo you ordered yours with...

    '87 Regal GN
    245hp 355tq
    [email protected]

    '87 GNX
    276hp 360tq
    4.7 = 0-60
    [email protected]
  2. The regular GS didnt have 510 pounds of torque!! And the earlier then 87 GN's werent as fast as the 87's,,only the 87's kicked butt!!
  3. You are correct, the regular GS 455 had 315hp and 450 ft-lbs of torque.
    The GS 455 Stage 1 had 350hp and 510 ft-lbs of torque.

    That's probably why I said:
    "pre-" meaning one built before '87...
  4. NP,,,I could have sworn the stage 1 had like 370HP :shrug: In my high school days I knew most of the stats for most muscle cars.64--74.
  5. I'm sure they underrated it. What I have are the factory ratings. so eh... we just need to go buy these cars and dyno them. Shouldn't be too hard. :shrug:
  6. Oh yeah,,most muscle cars were underated for insurance reasons!!! The biggest one of all was the L88 Corvette,between 1967,and 1969.The factory rated it at 435HP,,the motor actually made 560HP :nice:
  7. Sry to bump a real old thread here guys, but I love to read others thoughts on the GN on Ford, Mopar and import boards. I own a 87 Grand National and the nice thing about it is, I can drive it down town any day of the week and NOT see another one, where as I'll see 50 stangs and f-bodys. Not to mention that with very little money, turbo, injectors, exhaust , alky and 28 psi on a stock long block with 130K it runs LOW 11's and I can drive it anywhere while still getting 24 mpg and make well over 500 rwhp(wont disclose the actuall number). Meanwhile the value will never go down either!!!!
  8. and at the end of the day its still a 20 year old buick built to gm's mid 80's sub par standard of quality. you have a good performance car, but i would take my crappy gas mileage, weak blocked stang over a gn any day. there is more to a car than being able to go fast in a straight line in case you werent aware.
  9. boy those gn guy's are all the same. they don't like it when you start talkin bout their cars. and i dont know where he lives, but in the summer i see buicks running around here all the time. at least the buick is an american car.
  10. 175mph in a 911! Damn, I was getting nervous doing 150 in my stang. It was just about tapped out after that though.
  11. That's insane. Literally.
  12. Interesting that some guy obsessed with his Grand National had the time in his life to come to a Mustang forum, search through 2 year old threads then post on how amazing his car is. I rode in one that ran 11s this past summer and it didn't impress me at all. Those cars just don't do a thing for me. To each his own.

  13. I didnt come here lookin for GN threads, I came here cuz I also have a 95 GT. I prefer to drive the GN over the stang tho. I got respect for all cars and dont hate on any of them. As for speed I'm only interested in straight line performance, to me thats where it counts I dont think I have ever seen a sub 10 sec car 60' 1.5 that was a road corse car too. I came here for the same reasons I'm on other Turbo Buick boards, to help others and cuz I need others opinions from time to time. I'm currently making 480rwhp with the SN95 and am looking for suggestions on this board for the short block and internals for the new combo that will be well above 600+rwhp. I own both but I and everyone that I have ever ran into in person loves the GN. They are a VERY rare car to find around here, I only seen 2 on the road here all summer. (Wisconsin) Not disrespecting anyone I just like how most have great respect for a GN.
  14. A golden oldy thread.

    I don't miss my GN at all. Didn't matter how fast it was either. Mid-80's GM quality had me running to the store to puchase a FOR SALE sign.

    The ol'slider A/C controls, door locks that shattered windshields, droopy cardboard/felt roofliner, sun visors that never stay up, toothpick thin tight plastic A/C vents that broke on touch, bouncy speedo cable, windows that took 11 minutes until they are completely up. Use to drain my battery holding the window switch that long. If it was raining you were drenched before the window was up. The center cap wheels. I can go on. I see a GN and I just start laughing. It's like seeing a 1985 Peugot 505 to me.
  15. your SN has ~500rwhp and you prefer the GN??


    did you gut the SNs interior or something? rip the gauge cluster out? mangle the suspension?

    Every GN I've had a ride in felt like its chassis was going one way, and the car was going the other. verry uncomforting. But I like a car that can to each his own.

    Oh and pulling Gs in the corners is much more fun than straight line performance ;)
  16. The only thing I can compare it to is that feeling on a roller coaster when you're just starting to go down a huge decline and the hair on the back of your neck is standing up. You start going crazy fast but deep down you're not worried cause you know the roller coaster can handle it.

    If you guys do some searching, you'll find lots of history on GN vs. Mustang drag events. They used to be pretty popular back in the day.

    In my mind, there's never been a better sleeper then a de-badged grand national.

  17. If someone can say they would rather have a grand national with 500rwhp then a turboed SN95 with 500rwhp, then I'm beyond confused. The two main things that get me about these cars is that for one the interiors are disgusting and two, if they werent fast no one would care about them. People still like a nice looking mustang that runs 15s, but people would laugh at a Buick running 15s with nothing else to show for it. If someone can honestly say they are in love with the looks of this car and the speed is just a bonus then more power to them.:shrug:
  18. Actually 480rwhp soon to be 600+ but yes I do enjoy driving my GN more then the stang. To each his own as you said. Its just my personal taste and dont expect others to agree. The SN and my GN sit the same, full wieght full option cars, sure the stang will corner better but for me the GN is alot or comfortable going down the road to me. Nothing like a 3750lb car (Tank) floating down the road.
    As for all the little crap like windows, headliners ect... Keep in mind its a 20 year old car and anything of that age has it's problems. My windows are SLOW but thats an easy fix. Its a nice ride to me, and the GN gets alot more respect and attention from everyone, not to mention its also an investment, where as the SN's value is very difficult to keep.
    Different strokes for different fokes:)

  19. Pretty harsh, don't you think? Considering he's only expressing the same love and admiration for his GN that the Fox body guys in their "20-year-old glorified Fairmonts built to Fords mid-80's sub par standards of quality" do. Because at the end of the day, that's all the Fox bodied cars were.....a cheap, chinsy shell wrapped around a high horsepower engine just the same as the Buicks were......and you wouldn't say the same thing to them, would you? :shrug:

    Hell.....even your SN95 isn't that far of a stretch from the original product. :scratch:
  20. DAMN RIGHT!!!!!!