Got my Terminator today......whoa.

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  1. This thing is crazy. I will post pics later. I am already getting a lot of compliments on the Sonic Blue. Time to go cruise some more!!
  2. Another person with my dream car. Congrats man, and get those pics up already ;)
  3. dammint come pick me up!!!
  4. How much and how many races so far?
  5. dammit! i was hoping to find out wtf a terminator is by reading this.
  6. 03-04 Cobra
  7. Man that is my dream car... i will own one soon!!!
  8. I'm glad you asked! The way I always understood it, it was like this:



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  9. ha.. terminator was a code name given to the cobra's and it stuck around i guess. there are several reasons people give. one is down to the word "terminator" on a big metal crate of cobra parts, the word terminator is also on oem body panels and stuff of the cobra's.
  10. Daggar that last pic you posted was not a 03-04 Cobra. Thats a 96-98 cobra with a little kenne bell blower on it.
  11. Ooops... my bad.

    Edit: FIXED
  12. Daggar, why didn't you just post your engine for the terminator pic?

  13. Cmon man go Straight to the 2.76!
  14. Wow ....... just wow ......... I want a Terminator too :( Congrats again and post some pics when you have a chance!! I can only imagine ........... :)
  15. LOL... I'll do that once Rick is done building it and we have it in the car.
  16. nah, no need for it. lower planned in the future, dont want to overspin the eaton. also i didnt have the cash for idlers yet.

    it will all come with time. stage 4 port, 2# lower, idlers, h/e, new radiator, ect. shoot for a solid high 400 rwhp/torque and call it good.
  17. I need to stay out of these threads. :( Enjoy.