Got my Terminator today......whoa.

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  1. congrads.. but i dont wanna sound like a ass.. you will just be like every other guy out there with the terminator... i'll stick to pushrods though... anywho have fun lol :nice:
  2. Very sharp! My g/f friend's dad has an 03/04 Mystichrome Cobra vert, love 'em. Need to update your sig now
  3. nice.. thats such a nice color blue.......gotta love it......would look better with some tint on those windows but thats just me................congrads!!!!!:nice:
  4. Thanks man. Yeah I am going to do a real light tint, maybe 30% all the way around. I've had darker on past cars, but I don't think that this car would look good with the windows totally blacked out. Other than that all I will do is put some chrome wheels on it and call it a day (as far as the exterior goes anyway).

    Thanks for all the kind words from everyone. Just for the record, I will always be a Fox guy. 5.0s are what got me into digging Mustangs in the first place. I have always wanted a Cobra, and when I saw this one for sale I had to jump on it, once in a lifetime opportunity. It was the color I wanted and it has super low miles, and is in great shape, and the guy who sold it to me lives 10 minutes away, and I got a great price on it. Plus, by coincidence, I know the guy because we used to work together at Pep Boys back when I was in high school. I have received just as many looks in this thing already (if not more) than I did with my 5.0. It's comfortable, it handles, brakes, and everything works. I had 2 girls out in it last night and they loved it too. I would still have my Fox if I could have afforded it. But until all of you guys actually drive one and see for yourself what it's like, please don't hate me for selling my 5.0!!!
  5. Why would we hate you? At least you didn't go ricer on us :nice:
  6. Instead of dirty things-
    Why not offer him, $50 to take it down the quarter mile track?
  7. I need another hobby... now I'm gonna have to sell the '89 and the '01 and go get a Terminator. D#$m you WhiteHeat :mad:
  8. Damn dude it looks nice, congrats! im super jealous lol if I see you driving around I might have to attempt to chase you down in my 5.slow to get some pics and maybe even a ride in it? haha :cheers:
  9. i say 10th ann cobra wheels will look better on it the chrome wheels but thats just my opinion:D
  10. :stupid: my dad's got chrome wheels on his red vert terminator and they're definitely not for me. i like the machined look and those tenth anny's are sweet :drool:
  11. I don't know about anyone else here, but I would TOTALLY take that cobra over my stang (among lots of other choices)!!!! Jesus! 650+ RWHP stock???? It makes me smile knowing someones burning some serious rubber with a stang like that :D :D :D Even though it ain't me :nonono: Man I want one!!!

    How much did that cost you? If I could ask?
  12. 650 hp stock?! what the hell are you talking about?!
  13. :stupid:
  14. Thanks for all the compliments so far. The wheels are definitely starting to grow on me, the machined look goes pretty well with the paint. I need to get some wider wheels out back though, it will give it a more muscular look. If any of you decide to ever buy one of these, trust me, you won't regret it.

    BTW - they come with 390hp stock.
  15. are they underrated any?
  16. Some are under rated but for the most part, that is a fairly acuate number.... or at least that is what I have heard. I think the joy of a car like that is it's so easy to get to a level that is fast enough to be scary. I would love to own one... Just not yet though.
  17. Yeah actually. The were rated at 390hp (at the flywheel) and stock Cobras dyno anywhere from 350-370 rwhp. Accounting for the 15% drivetrain loss, this would put the number more at the 400-420 hp range at the flywheel. I assume Ford did this to cut down on insurance rates. Once the 400 hp mark is passed, insurance really starts to get crazy (as if it wasn't crazy enough already). Plus, Ford restricted the performance big time on these cars. The exhausts and intakes were VERY restrictive, and they only came with like 8 or 9 pounds of boost from the factory. That is why guys are getting sick horsepower out of simple mods like exhaust, cold air intake, smaller S/C pulley, and a custom tune. With those simple mods, 450rwhp is pretty easily attained, depending on the tuner and what exact parts are used. My car only has long tubes, x-pipe, and cat-back, and it RIPS, it makes somewhere in the low 400rwhp range. I have ridden in a Cobra with 500rwhp, and it is an animal. What's crazy though, is that until you really get hard on the gas, the car is very tame and smooth, you really can drive it every day. I remember my Fox was really violent, you were either on the gas or off, there was no happy medium. But the Cobra is so smooth, it's really fast, but it's not scary like my 5.0 was. The Cobra is faster than my Fox was, but you dont get as much sensation of speed as I did with the Fox. I have only had it up to around 100mph or so, and I didn't even know it.
  18. man i cant wait to own one of these animals.....give us the pics fast
  19. Please refer to post #30 :nice:
  20. post a soundclip!!!!!!!