Got My VIN Today!!

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  1. :banana:

    Called the dealer today to check on status..this was the FIRST TIME I DID THAT since I ordered the car on 9/11. The guy gave me the VIN and said the expected delivery date was 11/2 (just over 7 weeks from order date)..not too first he had me confused with someone else so I was skeptical of the validity of his info. So I put the VIN in the FORD website search, and my window sticker came up..exactly as I ordered it. The build date on the window sticker is 10/14 (TODAY).. SHould be soon..

    Just dont know if the build date is the start or finished dated :shrug:

    Ill keep you a buyer for my rims so ready to order the Steedas!
  2. That's awesome! Congrats on your car and the rim sale!

    Steeda's Machined right?

    So when ordering the new Mustang you have to make payments on the loan even before delivery?

    I read your post on the C and L intake thread. Steeda has the BEST intake and tune. 11.96 in a

    quarter mile with only this $730 package!
  3. congrats!
    I got my car yesterday.!!!!!! The wait for me was long...13 weeks but it is worth it. My corsa axle back exhaust is awaiting their upgrade to an X pipe. Early exhaust systems ( got mine in August) have had an engineering revision to the bend angle or the hangers. Corsa said it fits perfecly with their X pipe... could they send me a free one?

    2011 premium 5.0 glass roof, Ingot/ brick 401a, std trans, Brembo, 3.55, comfort, trim pkg 5.
    Love my new hot rod.....Put 200 miles on it already,
  4. WHich post? The sub 12 car had ONLY that as the mods?

    ON the financing. I had to give them a $1000 deposit..that's all. If I dont get the car I lose it. All the other terms are worked out on delivery..including the rebates/offers. Right now there is a 1.9% for 5 years OR 3.9% for 36 mos with $1000 cash back due at signing..Im going for $23k down and financing $14k, so I will be taking the 1000 back and getting 3.9 for 3 years. THEN, I can take my loan to the credit union, rework it for 3.7% (not a huge difference) and get $200 back from THEM for switching the loan. :D

    CaptBIll: In not going to say this again..."PICS" "VIDS"...LOL (Congrats on finally getting er)

  5. Whoa that's a lot of money down! I didn't put anything down on my 10'. Sounds good.

    According to Steeda 11.96!

    Steeda ProFlow Cold Air Intake for 2011 Ford Mustang 5.0 L
  6. My car payments should be right at $400/mo for 36 mos. Not too shabby. ALL The mods I do will be paid in full as I do them..NO CREDIT CARDS!