Got myself a 2.3n/a 5spd notch

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  1. well i went to a junkyard and found my self a complete running stang for $200. im just using it for the tranny tho, im goin to put in in my turbo project. now i really see what my car has for hp , cause that crap a4ld is sucking lots of power from my car. i did lose to a VR6 golf once 15psi (lots of pinging tho) and kept up with him so i say im pushing around 160-175. dose that sound right for a for an auto with my mods seems like i should be doing better than that?? :shrug: . but back to the car i think after im done with it i might start parting in giving some parts away for free cuz i hate to see the car go to waste. ill try to post some pics up tomarrow. any one else got any swap info i know stinger does.
  2. Stinger's site is the *****. 140 has a few pics that helped me as well, but I forget if they were on his site or in his TF album. If you pull the tranny out of your new car, that'll help a lot. Too bad you're doing the swap or I'd see if I couldn't score a couple more parts for mine. :D

  3. what do you meen if i did the swap??im putting the tranny from the car i just baught in to my turbo car.
  4. That's what I'm saying. Your turbo car is an auto, and the notch is a five-speed. Counts as a swap to me. ;)

  5. oh, i thought you thought i wasnt doing the swap
  6. why don't you come and take the pedals out of my notch and use those, most of the dash is already taken apart, and it doesn't have a clutch cable on it...
  7. while stingers site is very informative, it lacks one thing. the automatic neutral safety plug is located behind the radio under the dash and its secured to a rail with a plastic clip. without this your car will not start because theres no more auto tranny...
  8. Whoa....and it has to be removed? Or replaced? Or what? I hadn't run across this before.

  9. im goin to start to get it ready, im goin to get the car on jack stands and start to unbolt stuff like the diveshaft, plugs, cables then when i have alot of time get the pedals out and get them in my car. my car is goin to feel so different than with the auto, i drove the 5spd and it feels like it has more low end than my car and its smaller grears in the rearend . i even managed to chrep 2nd going up a hill with 2 people in the car, never thought a 2.3n/a could do that . cant wait to see what the turbo is goin to do. that wont be for a while cuz ill have to breaking clutch. :flag:
  10. man lucky you

    My A4LD is on its way. it was slipping 1/4 of the time on teh way to work today.

    I found a '88 2.3 5Spd though for 600 bux, looks like 180K miles or 118K, i couldent see, but the interior was like, perfect, its all stock, big surface rust on the roof and hatch..but hey, good parts car...But I hate parting out cars, if i got it i'd prob fix it and drive it. but what good is my current '93 2.3 then? ughh!!

    help me find a T5!!! before my tranny craps out for good on me durring winter :(
  11. that little plug i spoke of earlier has to be removed... it activates the neutral start safety relay for the automatic transmission. if its in the car wont start when you swap to a T5... its a simple 2 wire connector with a plug in it with a looped wire. its a light grey one. took me forever to find that little SOB... I was wondering why my car wouldnt start... I even unplugged my clutch safety switch... its kinda nice not having to push in the clutch to start the car... just make sure its not in gear...

    and for poops and giggles I bought a 2.3 T5, starter index plate, shifter, pedal assembly, driveshaft, etc etc from a guy on here for $450... then I bought the rest (tri-ax, crossmember, aluminum driveshaft, clutch disc, pressure plate, clutch cable, pilot bearing, throwout bearing, etc etc)
  12. what are the things that really need to be replaced?? i heard the throwout bearing should be, im getting a new clutch, whats a good clutch for the 2.3 t5?? im goin for 315hp so i want it to be also looking for a used pro5.0 shifter if any one has one tell me.

    just go to the local junkyards you'll find one. then just ask how much they want for the whole car. thats what i did, i was lucky tho cuz i got the car running and drove it home 30miles lol, im just taking the tranny and then if theres something else in the car i want ill take it, then just junk it.
  13. Thats what I've tryed I called one junkyard and they wanted 350 for the trans ALONE.

    I just called my other junkie up the hill and I requested a 2.3 T5 and he said, out of a turbo? I'm like you got a turbo up there??? hes like yeah out of a TC. I'm like, its got the 5-spd attatched? he said, i'd have to go and look, come up here. So i'm gonna go up there in a lil bit, he said the car is trashed but hey, if the motor and trans is good, i'm in. A perfect donar car i wouldent mind junking after i got the parts i need :) NICE :nice:
  14. he said he can't give me the whole car cause its a police impound.

    he wasent sure about hte motor but hes gonna fire it up for me ina few days, he said he'd give me everything, motor, trans, comp, any lil stuff i would need for the swap for 850. does that sound good or no?
  15. i know that the TC trans are stronger than the normal 2.3 5spd. seems kinda high but i bet you could talk him down, but since you say that there hard to find in you area it seems worth it.
  16. $850 seems high for just parts and no whole car. theres a couple people in my club selling whole car 2.3's (not T but most could care less if its turbo or not) for $500...
  17. well back to my car :rolleyes: ,where can i buy a clutch thats not a cheap one like a stock one?? and what else do i NEED to buy new???
  18. new:
    clutch disc
    pressure plate
    throwout bearing
    pilot bearing


    inspect and replace if needed:
    clutch cable
    dogbone cable (connects clutch cable arm to clutch fork)
    aluminum front bearing retainer on T5 (steel ones dont break, GOOD inevestment if you're going to beat on it)
    crossmember bushings (no cracks)
    transmission mount (no cracks)
    shifter hole dust boot/cover (seals properly to keep dirt out and sound noise down)

    good to use again:
    pedal assembly
    shifter, handle, and knob
    clutch fork
    starter index plate
    shift handle console boot

    new shifter (triax, pro50, upr, etc etc)
    SVO flywheel and clutch disc/pressure plate
    aluminum driveshaft
    energy suspension tranny mount and crossmember bushings
    steeda or UPR quadrant, etc etc...
    ford clutch cable or steeda