Got Myself A HOOPTY!!!


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Finally, found a car that can "get me around" while Im working on the Stang.
Before you :rlaugh: keep in mind I wanted an economy car that is CLEAN.

1997 Escort LX, 36k miles... PW, Dual Airbags, ABS, cruise PDL, gray cloth interior auto

This car looks like mint other than a couple dings and 2 spots of chipped paint on the front bumper....It is SUPER clean inside and out and the air is ICE cold.

With tax, tag/title, it was $3200 out the door at a dealer, and that includes a 2 mo/2,000 mile warranty for ANY problems.

Here is the first pic (the oil-spotted cardboard is from my mechanics '90 Blazer he let me borrow)

Here is a pic with my stang in the background, so you know that I just didnt snap some pic of a car in someone's driveway:

Look at the NICE paintjob on this sucker:

Hopefully, This car will reduce the stress of working on the Stang, and it will DEFINITELY save me some gas $$$

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Apr 11, 2003
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:lol: ..... yeah like nobody believes RC until he showed us his car..... Man RC i think anyone on here would've believed you without a doubt without the pic of your car..........

i know i would've...

either way... have fun with the gas mileage, grocery getter....



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Nov 4, 2002
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94GTLaserRC said:
I wanna get a bumper sticker that says:

"My Other Car is a Supercharged Mustang"

Anyone know where I can get one.??

People would REALLY laugh at that!!

I have a few different models of stickers that say:

" Rather Be Driving My 5.0 Mustang "

and some similar....I was gonna put one on my rusty Cutlass Cierra :D


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Feb 16, 2001
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Nice little ride....Had 2 Escorts 89 creampuff and a 92GT..Both were great cars....Get a Haynes manual and your good to go... :nice: Had a TFI take a dump on both...Be prepared.. Its a Ford... :D

Why not a small P/U..or you needed more room?


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Nov 29, 1999
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Good choice Rob! Though they are pathetically slow, if you learn to drive it right it will get KILLER MPG, and after driving that thing all week and then getting behind the wheel of the stang, it will feel like the stang gained 100hp while it sat in the garage!!!
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