Got Myself A HOOPTY!!!

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  1. I needed something with 4 doors so I can use it to take my girls to school. The only 4-door PU's are either too new (mid size) and too much $$, or larger ones, like F150's that would defeat the MPG issue.

    Paul..I was surprised at the mileage and cleanliness...You would think it's fairly new by the inside, except the black SW has the slightly worn areas where you grab it.

    Youre right though, that I will feel like I gained 100hp or so. I feel now, like the stang has slowed down, but everyone says it's because Im use to driving it.

    Hey, here's a thought...How bout if I get the scort to the track B4 the Stang :scratch:
  2. Looks like a good score, Rob. Them low miles are definitely a plus if you have a long drive.

    ....Now, to find some chrome rocker panels for it...:D

  3. In canada, Escort's don't look like that. You can order and escort, and she'll take you out, and tell you she loves you, and then she'll take off her pants when you give her money.

    No really, they call'em contour's up here...but good grab man! :nice:
  4. Contour is a different car
  5. i think hes talking about female escourts :rlaugh:
  6. I know that...but he said that what we call "ford escorts" they call "contours"

    We have both here .

  7. here's my other ride, awesome gas mileage, not much room for others though. congrats on the hoopdy

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