Got myself deep in some work!

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  1. i have to start the complete 5 lug brake swap next weekend. i helped my buddy pull the motor and tranny so he gave me the rest for the brakes! :nice:

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  2. Now that's gonna be a nice fun project.

    Does it have ABS and an 94-95?? If so, swap the ABS over too!!
  3. i didn't even check to see if it has ABS. it's a 95 V6. what all would i have to swap for the ABS?
  4. Mostly wiring the ABS sensors in and plumbing the ABS pump and computer into the system. Might require some brake line running.

    I don't know the specifics of it, but i've been meaning to convert my Fox to ABS as well. I made sure i installed axles with ABS rings and hubs with the ABS rings on it so i'd be good to go.

    I do remember a write-up, but forget who wrote it. I beleive a member on by the name of stangplus2birds did ABS onto his Mustang and made a write-up. I can't find it right now
  5. yeah i just checked they dont have ABS but thats ok i guess as long as my fox stops better after the conversion.
  6. oh it WILL!! LOL mine stops really fast with no locup at all, in the rain it might slide just a tad and thats cuz i have slicks for tires.
  7. yes the motivation i like to hear :D