Got Myself Some New Tweeders :)

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  1. So currently I have 86 GT interior. It's in amazing shape, halo headrests, really good condition. But for some reason I wasn't feeling that interior since I've owned the car. Finally today I got a sweet deal on some factory/model correct Tweed GT seats. I couldn't be any more happier. Dirty? Pffff they were disgusting. Up in a barn attic for who knows how long. The back seat I picked up for a bargain price of $40 bucks, but the two fronts ( different seller) cost me $100 each. But for $250 I have a complete set of great condition seats. Here's a before and after picture. Fronts I'll do tomorrow. 86 GT interior for will be for sale shortly. image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
  2. Great score and it cleaned up Great, Congrats!

    I'm in the search for a nice (and I mean NICE) seat bottom for my '88. The Fabric in my '88 is still in almost perfect condition except my drivers seat bottom. The fabric is starting to show some wear around the edges.
    I wish I could find a NOS or nice looking drivers seat bottom tweed.

    All I want to do is replace just that one piece and my interior will be practically flawless.
  3. I hear ya. I think interior is just as important as exterior. Ive just looked on kijiji is basically like Craig's list, I'm on it everyday seeing what's out there. And usually a new listing every few days. But good luck with your search I'm sure you will get your hands on something decent. I find rear seats are almost always mint because no one ever sits in the back. It's the fronts that are hard to come by in great shape.
  4. Nice job cleaning! I'll be right over with mine.:rlaugh:
  5. Hey thanks! I used your typical off the shelf upholstery cleaner, and on the stubborn stuff a little mix of Tide, and some other stuff I had at home. It took the grime off and I'm happy with the way they turned out.