Got pulled over for loud exhaust today...

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  1. I didn't know why he pulled me over at first, but of course, he had a reason, so I was going to cooperate. He asked for my license and proof of insurance, and I handed it to him. I politely asked "May I ask why you pulled me over, sir?" "You have loud mufflers or an absence of mufflers." "I have mufflers, sir, I just don't have any tailpipes. I was in the process of switching mufflers and I am saving money to get the shop around the corner to weld them back on." "Okay, I'll be right back." *waited about 2 minutes* "Where are your mufflers under the car?" "They should be right under the backseat, right in front of the axles." At this point in time I was praying that he didn't notice that I didn't have cats. He said "Okay." I waited about 3 minutes as he stood by his car talking on the radio. He came back to my window, "Okay, everything ran clear. You are in violation of the penal code right now, so I suggest you get that taken care of immediately." "I will, sir." "That is way too loud, especially for residential areas like this." "I will keep it down, sir." "I am just giving you a verbal warning right now, so have a good evening." "Thank you, sir, you have a good evening too."

    Hahahahah, I just wasted like 3 precious minutes of your life since I only got a verbal warning :p
  2. you got a verbal warning, but it went into the computer, and next time you get pulled over for that, its gonna pop up, and you will not get out of it more than likely
  3. awesome man, be sure to get some magnaflows or somethin to quiet it down a little...

    thats funny though cause ive heard your car and its not THAT loud, i mean its loud but not loud enough id think to get the attention of a cop...
  4. I got pulled over in texas last summer for loud exhaust(doesnt matter in oklahoma).......... Cop didnt even bother to look at my liscence plate when walking up to the car. He also asked me where my front plate was...I just told him I was from Oklahoma and he said have a good night!!!:D
  5. Happened once a week when I was driving my '68 as a DD; long tube headers to Borla ProXS mufflers and straight on back. Loud as ****.

    Always just hassled me though; never actually got a ticket.
  6. That cop is being a prick. Every officer I have ever known wont pull someone over for that unless you are hot rodding around.

    Last time I had a cop come up to me about my exhaust, he was asking to see what my setup was to put on his car or his son's car. Hell I cant remember. he told me to stand on it a little ;). cool cop.
  7. I cant beleive that happened in Texas. Was it a city, county, or state trooper?
  8. Littering and...

    Smokin' the reefer.
  9. :lol:
  10. dont worry those 3 minutes of my life werent that precious.. I am at work ROFL!!!
  11. What I dont understand is how come they pull cars over that
    are "too loud" but motorcycles are 10x louder but thats ok. :shrug: wtf
  12. lol yea i know what you mean. also around here there are a bunch of redneck lifted 80's broncos with straight pipes all the way through. no mufflers or cats and no one ever hassles them and they're loud as hell.
  13. D. None if the above.

    Baylor (University) Police Officer

    And yes, they are real cops.
  14. :rlaugh:

    i believe, you lose :p

    its cool that he only gave u a warning
  15. Yeah, and I totally lied out of my @$$. I do want to put the stock mufflers back on, however, because they sound so much better and I cannot afford (teeheehee) the catback I want right now.
  16. Campus police? Shoooooot, campus police tried to pull me over once for fish tailing out of the parking lot... his little neon couldnt keep up :)
  17. T'was a crown vic :p
  18. lol campus police...that reminds me of dukes of hazzard.