got pulled over tonight!!

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  1. well i'm lucky i didn't get a ticket i have 10 days to get everything off so i guess i'm gonna get a set of cobra tails and get rid of that tint that has been on the car for 10 years without a problem.
  2. either the cops where you live are bored, or you managed to piss him off, or maybe he was just an *******, but little BS laws like that are usually used just as a reason to stop someone. any of the above 3 reasons are usually why you will get a ticket for something like that. the internet is a great research tool and all, but looking up laws is the same as using mapquest. they don't always update in a timely manner
  3. In michigan if the tint is stock from the factory it is legal, but any other tinting is illegal which doesn't make much sense. I have 35% all around and have never been bothered by it. Even when I was pulled over for something I didn't do the officer didn't mention anything about the tint. I think the tail light covers will cause a bigger problem, I would just not use the tail light or head light covers anymore and try to fight the tint issue, if they still say you are wrong then I would just pay the ticket.
  4. Window tinting laws serve a dual purpose:

    1: Really dark tint obscures the drivers veiw out of that window. This problem multiplies ten fold when its dark outside, and even more than that in areas with little or no street lights.

    2: The darker the tint, the hard it is to see inside the vehicle. While many drivers on the raod are law abiding citizens, there are a few that arent. When an officer stops a vehicle, s/he is putting their life on the line. They dont know whos driving that car when they stop it, and if the driver is pointing a gun at the officer, s/he will not know until its too late.

    Sorry for the rant, but this is a very sensitive subject.
  5. lovin that joke.
  6. What ever happened to:
    -roll down the windows
    -toss the keys on the pavement
    -open the door with the outside handle
    -exit the vehicle, facing foreward hands on your head
    -walk backwards to the sound of my voice

  7. I think the point that he's trying to make is that during the majority of police stops, you're not ordering them out of their vehicle with a bullhorn while taking cover behind your door with the gun drawn.

    In the majority of stops, the officer approaches the window, and if the window is tinted, therein lies the problem with it. Like he said, the majority of citizens are okay, but it's the few that are loading the gun that the police officer can't see until it's too late that make each traffic stop a dangerous and potentially-life threatening situation.

    And I agree fully Devus1. It is an extremely sensitive subject. It's hard for someone who just wants their window tinted to understand, but to someone who has to assume the worst might happen each and every time they pull someone over, it's even harder.
  8. good joke
  9. I was told 70% when I was pulled over in my talon.. I took it to district court and lost (of course), but I still havent removed it, nor do I plan to.. I paid the fine and went on my way.. Where in PA are you located?
  10. On another note, smoked tails arent illegal so long as you have red LED bulbs in place of the white bulbs that would normalls go inside the housing.. The stock taillight will light up red with the parking lamps or tail lamps, but when you go to a clear or smoked lens and retain the white bulb it will light up either white or grey.. If you have the white lef bulbs it will light up red, and much much brighter than with a standard bulb..
  11. I was pulled over about a year ago for my tint being too dark (20% all around-see sig for pic) and i also had a tinted licence plate cover on it.The officer wanted me to peel the tint off the door windows right there and then.So i ask him how the hell am i going do this on the side of the road? He ended up just giving me a warning and said if i see you again your getting a ticket.Then about 4 mths ago i'm cruising around and a cop pulls me over for no reason, i'm thinking wtf did i do now.It was the same fuggin cop that pulled me over a yr ago :bang: He walks up to my window and says " Remember me? " He asks for my licence and registration and goes back to his car for about 5 mins or so then comes back with 2 tickets, $110 per, one for the tint and one for the licence plate cover.I think there was a lil discrimination going on here because as i waited for my tickets i was watching other cars go by with tints even darker than mine.Sorry for the rant but it still pisses me off to this day.:mad:
  12. Not sure how the police department operates where you are from, but around here those kind of commands are usually resevered for high risk stops (stolen vehicles etc). People already hate the police, imagine if everytime an officer conducted a traffic stop the driver (and passengers) were pulled out and cuffed at gun point just because they have tinted windows.
  13. i'm from the gettysburg/hanover area and i went to a place where they tint windows yesterday and they're tint meter said i have 40% tint and they said its still illegal, its only allowed to be 70% in PA but she put a sticker on my back window on the hatch to make that one legal but she said the 2 side window tints will have to come off and we're not sure about the quarter glass i'm just going to leave those on and see what the cops say.
  14. i was pulled over for tint a few years back....what got me was i also got a warning for "not dimming my auxilary lights"...i said to the officer..."what auxilary lights?"

    he went on to tell me how you have to dimm your fog lights for on coming traffic like high beams...i said..."so i have to turn them off for one coming traffic like high beams?" and he said "yes"...what BS...and as he tells me this about ten cars go by with fog lights...
  15. Where I live they don't do this. They also don't allow any tint on the front 3 windows. I wouldn't mind dealing with this if it meant I could have some tint. Besides, its all for the safety of the officers, how is someone inside the car having access to any number of hidden weapons safer then talking to them in front of the patrol car.
  16. The quarter glass windows are illegal on any car, they make you sign a waiver explaining that when they tint them. The sides should be fine though, those are always tinted the lightest when you have it done by a shop. Good luck.
  17. Discrimination? Come on man. He pulled you over once and gave you a warning that if he ever saw you again you were getting a ticket. Then, he saw you again with the tint on and gave you a ticket. Sounds pretty fair to me. :shrug:
  18. So is he supposed to jump in his cruiser and pull the others over at that exact moment. Be serious now.... you got a warning... that means he was warning you that you did somethng wrong... then he explained to you what to do....:shrug:

    BTW... if you are breaking the law... it is neither discrimination or profiling... it is enforcement.

    As for the tinted police cars.... most have exemptions because they are tinted for security reasons. This keeps prying eyes out of the cruiser looking for useful cop stuff.
  19. I know i took a gamble and lost.I payed the price.:( I guess the word discrimination is a bit harsh but i mean do you see soccer moms in their mini vans getting pulled over for dark tints? Who would you pull over a loud Mustang with a dark tint or a quiet Mini van with a dark tint?Know what i mean.......:D