got pulled over tonight!!

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  1. i never said i wanted him to go pull them over...what i meant was 90% of vehicles come factory with fog lights now days..and most people use them, not knowing you have to "dimm" them for on coming many times have you been driving towards a vehicle and seen them turn off the fog lights?
  2. I hate when people knowingly break the law and complain when they get a ticket. A friend of mine was ****ing for weeks because he was parked in a fire lane and a cop came up told him to leave. My friend drove around the block and parked back in the same spot, the cop came back and gave him a ticket. But that foglight thing is bull****, I wonder if that is a law in NJ cause I never seen anyone do it before.
  3. Difference is:

    Soccer mom in a van (most SUV's and vans) has factory tint... the cop knows this

    Mustang from the factory... doesn't come with tint at all.... its easy to figure that the tint is aftermarket.... easier still to figure if I cant see you... then there is a good possibillity that your tint is illegal! Not rocket science.