Got some 2.3 questions

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  1. Hey guys i found a 90 vert for sale close by and have some questions.

    First off I'm looking for a gas saver. I drive a 01 Dodge ram 2500 with the 360 as my dd and th gas is getting a bit crazy. How well are the 2.3s on mpg's?

    2nd the vert top will need to be replaced at some point. what does one cost and how much is an install usually go for?

    3rd what would a good offer be? It says it runs good. I haven't talked to the guy to listen to it or anything yet so that sill to be determined. The body looks great. My quick once onver i didn't notice any rust or major dents. The interior didn't look too bad. As i said before the top is starting to come apart at the rear window prolly not leaking yet but would need replaced. The guy is asking 2,350 or "make an offer"

    My job got eliminated at work so I'm changing jobs there and will be taking a pay cut so I'm not looking to spend a ton but i figure i could save more money buying a small car and paying a little extra insurance and spending less on gas

    Thanks for any help you can provide
  2. Is it an auto or 5 speed? How many miles?

    The 5 speeds do pretty well on gas, my car wasn't a vert but averaged around 28-30 mpg on mostly open road driving. Autos I don't think do as well, especially in a convertible.

    Also I doubt I'd want to pay $2300 for that car, doesn't sound like it's worth that much to me.
  3. its an auto. theres no way i would pay that much either. I just don't wanna seem like a dick if i offer him way too little
  4. Well, I should warn you now- the auto convertibles were the slowest of the slow. So it'll get decent mileage, just don't expect much in the way of acceleration.

    Anyway, I would imagine the car is probably worth somewhere in the $1200-1500 range at best. If he won't take that, keep looking. For some reason people thing 2.3 convertibles are worth a lot, I've seen them being sold for $3000-4000 here.
  5. stoped by and looked at it again today. The top would need replaced sooner then I thought before. where the top goes into the trunk on the passanger side theres a huge hole and water is getting in there. I didn't look in the trunk to see how bad but If i end up talking to the guy thats actually selling it I'll ask to look in there. His wife came out with the key so we looked at the engine. Its actually really clean I was supprised. There is a bit of a valve cover gasket leak but thats not really a big deal. It started right up and sounded good. The lady said something about over 200,000 miles but I've never one to care about that. She said she thinks it needs new struts.
  6. Yeah, that definitely doesn't sound like a $2000 car.

    That many miles, I'd recommend giving it a good once-over...check tie rods, ball joints, all that stuff. Good chance it may need some small items.
  7. I bought my 2.3L LX convertible for $1300 and paid $550 for a new top and that was installed but did not include the back window. It originally a automatic transmission but was converted to a T5 before I bought it.

    Car had 15" 10 hole wheels and no radio. Body was fair to rough and had a broken right front corner light.
  8. got a quote today for 1170 for a new top installed. I found one on late model restoration for everything for 350. The guy i got the quote from charges 200 extra for the rear window so it would be way over that
  9. Jesus! $1170 for a new top? That's almost what I paid for my thunderbird when I bought it!
  10. I took mine to a car upholstery shop.

    The cost of the top installed was less than $600. They reused my back window.

    $1100 for a new top sounds pretty dammed high and if it was me I would feel I was getting ripped off.

    Do not get the Late Model Restoration top. Just broke out my back window last week and bought the LMR back window and it doesnt match the Ford back window. Its supposed to be stapled in instead of bolted in at bottom and your expected to sew in a new panel with a different than stock zipper.
  11. the auto verts suck on gas mileage, I know I have one, and the top, do yourself a favor and get one from for about 300 with back glass and get a shop to install it, it comes out to avout $600 to $700 for a new top in what ever color you want.

    mine went from white to black says that car should be worth about $1500 in excellent condition, he's trying to get more because it's a 2.3 and everyone is looking for gas saving cars


  12. I have a 93 auto vert and I get about 17-18 in town and 25 on the hwy. not exactly stellar when you could buy a honda for 2500 and get 25/35mpg.
  13. well I called and offered him 1200 and he laughed and said I don't think so. I thought ok I don't need it anyway. I can't wait to see how long it sits there.
  14. That guy's kidding himself.

    Whatever, let him sit on it forever, he might eventually come to his senses.
  15. Tell me about it.

    I'm looking for newer ones now. Found a 99 3.8 for less then what he wants lol. bigger motor but hell its in better shape