Got Some Pics

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  1. I finally got some pictures of my car so... here they are......
    I was thinking of doing a light tint i dont know what percentage but let me know what you guys think....






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  2. other than needing some springs, looks real good. :nice:
  3. Looks good.

    As for the tint, it has always been my opinion that legal is too light, but I wouldnt go too dark because its a complete PITA to see through at night. Its like the only usefull glass to look through is the windshield. I parked a navigator in a tight lot with 5% all the way around at night...I thought I was gonna wreck it.
  4. yeah, springs would certainly make your car look sportier!! But, still looks good though. Personally, I like the dark tint for black cars, just looks better IMO. I would go as dark as possible, but that's just me. Nice car though!!:nice:
  5. Nice ride. Go as dark as you think you can stand. Not sure what my percent is, but you can't see who's in the car and it looks killer and you will get used to not seeing well at night and will adjust and it won't matter. The darker the better.
  6. car looks good, nice pics. Go with some dark tint, mine is like 15% and I love it. It was darker at night but you will get used to it. Black with dark tint looks great!