Got the cobra to the track tonight !!1

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by jeremy canter, Jul 23, 2010.

  1. Finally I got the car to Iland raceway tonight > the track was wet and a little oily from all the rain so I spun bad but I still ran a 13.8 at 102 > it's not the fastest time but I was all smile's when it was faster than my buddys new camaro SS !!! and I got the video to prove it > HAHAHAHAHAHAAH > :)
    o-yes It will be posted as soon as I can get it up loaded to you-tube > hehehehe . He was all smiles of his 105/ mph =14.0 time till he seen I was faster .:flag:
    I don't know if anyone beat me to the punch but this is the first post of a new SS kill that I have seen .
  2. Good fun! Nice work :nice:
  3. 13.8 on a bad track? Not bad
  4. I'll race you for pink slips.

    J/K glad you had fun, plus you beat a Camaro
  5. :lol: hey come down and play this friday night 9-25-10 > I've findly got the CEL codes fixed and the car feels so much stronger > I'm going to run my buddys SS again and really put a a$$ whooping on it this week > and then I'm going to turn on the nitrous > I want mid or low 12's or I'm going to blow the ****** up trying> then > I feeling a 5.0 stroker :flag:
  6. 13.8 on a 100 shot?!
  7. no > on motor nitrous never worked > now it's down for the motor throwing a chain > :( TSNE