Got This Chirping/rubbing Noise... '73 W/ 302 & C4

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  1. Okay, I've been racking my brain trying to find the source of this god-awful rubbing chirp that has developed out of nowhere while restoring this Mustang. At the moment all of the accessory belts are off, and the harmonic balancer has been removed. Still barks like an angry monkey. Really high pitched, like CHA CHA CHA CHA CHA CHA, ear-splitting noise. I'm reduced to removing the flexplate and checking for rub. Somebody also told me to check the torque converter, but I'm not so sure.

    I have a video on Youtube showing an attempt to start the car. The rubbing action is more stretched and distinct while it's being started. When it's idling, the screeching chirp is fast and loud. Anybody have any ideas or experience with this noise?


  2. pull the starter out and look at the end cone it may be hitting the flywheel . The drive gear may be stuck in the start position and not disengaging .
    also look at the bottom of the bell housing for a dent ,it doesn't take much to hit the fly wheel
  3. End cone has some marks on it, and I see a bit of shavings, so you're likely to be right. How do I solve this interference?
  4. Do you have a pic?
  5. Is the spacer plate between the block and bell housing ? It keeps the starter at the proper location ,without it the starter could be to close to the fly wheel. You may also have the wrong starter .
  6. In hindsight, the marks are not shiny, so this might have been something that happened before the remanufacture. The bell housing does not seem to be dented. The spacer plate is indeed installed. The starter is a P3124 for AT.

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  7. This is definitely not the original 302. I'm about to check the flywheel to see if they match up.
  8. 157 teeth on the flywheel. I'm assuming that means we're looking at ford OEM #C3AZ-6375-L
  9. Okay, while turning the flywheel, we hear a pronounced squeak and intermittent resistance. It might be binding on perhaps the driver's side of the housing?
  10. Remove the lower cover to the bell housing ,look to see if the oil drain plug for the torque converter is indexed in the hole on the flex plate .It will be right next to a torque converter nut .It is pretty common to miss align the drain plug ,it will cause the flex plate to rub the bell housing if not indexed correctly