Got to meet shelby last weekend, photo

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  1. Went to the Shelby museum fund raiser in Boulder last weekend and got to meet all the ole a signed glove box door from Shelby, check out the picture.

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  2. Cool.. I guess you should shoot some clear over it?
  3. meeting 'Ol Shel'

    How is the old grump?

    Kinda funny, saw Bill France Jr. on TV at the banquet, and in his elder years, he reminds me very much of Shel nowadays. Those two should get together. Then they could build thier own racetracks, use thier own cars, and charge us even more to get in and play. And I'm not forgetting Sanderson, he'll be the PR and CFO of the union!

    Very cool on the sig on your glovebox! It's the most popular item he signs, as many Shelby's and Cobras are autographed there. You'd be amazed at how many you find like that a a major show or convention! :lol:
  4. Cool. :nice:
    Is you car a Shelby ? :shrug:
  5. man thats saweeettttt, i want one of those lol
  6. NOPE, my car is a R model clone with 347 and an interior. I did see the original series #002 which is the first r model built at the museum. I would hate to guess what its value is even in its POS form.

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  7. doesnt look like that glove box will fit your car.

    Id like to have a glove box signed by him, just as a cool factor.
  8. Awesome car! Hopefully mine will look like it (and be as fast as it) one day...

    A little comparison pic...