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  1. Man... I have never seen a Mustang look soooooo good! I was able to get to the Autoshow on the press days, and got to SIT IN the 05 Mustang!

    Let me just say, this has only cemented my desire for the car! I am TALL at 6'2" and easily 225 lbs (a bit bigger than the average bear, but not fat) and the PACKAGE IS AWESOME! The car fits me VERY well, with PLENTY of headroom! (unlike the current one, where I have to lean the seat ALL THE WAY BACK just to fit.) and there was LOTS of legroom and shoulderoom! The driving position is AWESOME, the shifter throws are NICE AND SHORT, and the placement of the shifter is GREAT. The guages are NICE AND BIG, and easy to read, and you sit IN the car, not ON TOP as it seems in the current one. Furthermore, the seatbelt is EASIER to reach!

    This thing is AWESOME.

    Take a look at my pics, (these are detail shots you wont see elsewhere)


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  2. More pics

    Darned LIMIT!

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  3. more pics

    Thats all I am allowed to upload!
  4. MMM MMMM GOOD! I love the interior. It looks like it's better quality than the current 99-04 Mustang interior.
  5. oh happy day. I'm a big guy too...6'3", 230lbs and I hate not fitting into cars. this just makes me that much more excited..hope they have that $20k v8 is all
  6. The V8 is NOT $20K.

    I was there when the announcer messed up the presentation, he was an F150 presenter practicing on the Mustang in case of a problem, and he said "the new Mustang will start under $20K and with the new 300hp V8 available, its a great deal" That sent some press guys off with the wrong story. The pricing is $17k-$25K for V6, and $25k-$30k for V8... Trust me, I talked with J Mays himself.

    Sorry for any dissapointment
  7. That S U C K S. I am disappointed in Ford and in Mr. Mays.
  8. I can't wait to sit in one. The front shoulder room is the biggest thing for me. The current mustang is quite tight. And that has really prevented me from owning one.

    Fat and proud of it.
  9. The only way I could be more jealous is if you posted pics of you sitting in it. Then I'd be throwing a tantrum right now. :rlaugh:


  10. send the rest of the pics to my email [email protected] and I will upload them to my isp and post them for you.

  11. Did you try the back seats? Are they any better? I have three rapidly growing kids who barely fit in the back of my 2003 now. I'm hoping the new Mustang will be better for them.

  12. R.I.P. 94-2004 Interior. Buying a 2004 Mustang is not something even Beavis or Butthead would do now. Sucks to be a Mustang salesman until September...
  13. Yeah its surprising that Ford released all the details this early (10 months before they hit the dealers) I heard Oct. Now they are going to have big problems selling this years models. I hope they can push it along and come out with the 2005 earlier.
  14. wow those seats look oddly familiar to the fox body tweed seats.. minus the headrest... ??
  15. Seats resemble current GT seats, with a bigger headrest.
  16. You sat in it? :hail2: Can i touch your butt ? :D
  17. I am in love !!

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  18. Peace? Hah! Not with all the rattling they do. I like the looks, but I always keep my radio blasting to drown out those annoying squeaks and creaks.

    Bring on quiet interiors!