Grab 'n Go - the 2010 Mustang Shifter

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    This week, Ford shows us yet another segment of the 2010 Mustang interior. Last week, we saw the new Mustang dash and cluster, and now, we get a bit of a zoomed look of what was blacked out in the prior image. This 2010 Mustang shifter is definitely the highest class gear changer we have seen in the Mustang straight from the factory line. Its unique polished metal finish gives it an aura of luxury inside the already posh S197 interior of today. Also, it could just be the angle of the shot, but we were noticing that the actual shifter itself seems shortened a bit. If so, this could be the aftermarket influencing the market, given the demand for short-throw shifters by many Mustang fans. We just have one word of caution on a hot, sunny day: bring a cloth to cover the handle. Today's aftermarket shifter knob owners know this story all too well.

    Grab 'n Go - the 2010 Mustang Shifter
  2. Looks just like the Bullitt knob to me.
  3. The GT needs to have a six speed already! jeeez
  4. I thought the same damn thing. For the price Mustangs go for, and not having the things that should make it the price they are, (IRS, cheap interior, etc...) it SHOULD have a 6 speed.
  5. I disagree, I love the 5 speed. My last vehicle was a jeep wrangler with a 6 speed and it just made me have to shift more and sometimes accidentally grind gears going near reverse at high speeds. The only way a six speed would maybe be nice is if it was an additional overdrive for better fuel mileage. Otherwise it just makes city driving more of a pain. Of course this is all just IMHO
  6. That is the WHOLE POINT of a 6 speed. Have a super tall 6th gear so your gas mileage is awesome on the interstate. This way you can run 4.56s and still get awesome mileage. How else does GM get by with NO gas guzzlers tax on a Z06 Corvette with a 505 HP Pushrod V8?? It's called a .50 6th gear.
  7. The shifter boot and trim, shifter knob, and "leatherette" side surface on the console are the best looking features I've seen on the new Mustang besides the steering wheel w/ radio controls. I've been underwhelmed by the other photos I've seen of the body and interior.

    As for the 6 speed...yeah, it might be nice but give me "standard" features that other cars have in the same price range like an auto dimming mirror with compass, heated seats, real leather back seats to match the front, and auto headlamps first please!!
  8. i don't think its standard, but newer mustangs have auto dimming rear view mirror with a compass, heated seats, not sure if the back is real leather, and i believe someone said this new mustang will have the auto headlamp feature i could be wrong though.

    i think a 6 speed would be nice, depending on the gears that are in the tranny. if its strictly another gear added on top of the 5 speed, strictly for gas mileage at highway speeds, i think it would definitely be a nice addition.
  9. WOW! :lol:crapola