Graduated From My 98 Gt To A 2013 5.0

Discussion in 'The Welcome Wagon' started by Danberg, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. I fell in love with my Mustangs before I even sat in them for the first time. It has been an addiction to just drive ever since. I was in serious need of getting my fix after I sold my old 98. I got more of a dose than I could have ever imagined with my new 5.0 I dont ever want to stop driving it. The way it looks the way it feels. The smells just burn images into your mind that you will always remember. That new car smell mixed with a little bit of burning rubber just feels like home. I finally decided to join a forum and hopefully now I can talk to other people with the same addiction. This is like my AA. Look forward to getting some tips and advice from others with a similar mindset.
  2. Have fun and good luck with the car man :lol:
  3. Thanks. Loving it
  4. You planning on doing anything to it?
  5. I drove it straight from the dealership to the muffler shop. Just a simple muffler swap to spintech. Probably only small things for now. K&N cold air intake next then lookin at JBA shorty headers and a bbk x pipe with high flow cats
  6. X pipe is definitely the way to go on any mustang. Any thought of changing the gears in the rear?
  7. Not at all. I got it with the upgraded track pack so it came with 3:73's
  8. Thats good man! If you start getting up there you're shifting so much on city streets and can get annoying
  9. Yeah. I have messed around with it on the streets but haven't really had anything even respectable to mess around with. I love it. What do you have?
  10. I got an 05 GT magnaflow Xpipe running no cat, cold air intake, 4.10 rear end and a short throw hurst shifter. I bought the car with the intake and exhaust. It's a fun car to put around in.
  11. Nice. I love my new one and loved my old one.
  12. Once I get some money together I'll think about getting out of the 4.6 to a 5.0
  13. It's definitely a choice I'm more than satisfied with.