Gran Turismo 4 Car list

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  1. I hope they dont have the stupid professional races so long i usually get about 80 pecent done then restart because of that. :mad: awell its still an awsome game. :hail2:
  2. Shut the **** up. Damn.

    Just kidding. Damn. =p

    That's a hella' long list.
  3. to bad it doesn't come out till february 04
  4. it looks like its gonna be an awesome game. i wish i could see a list of the race track that they are gonna have on the game, they need to add more.
  5. It will be out for PS2 won't it?
  6. yep Grand Tourismo is a PS2 Title
  7. :banana:
  8. I heard that they are actually sampling all of the car's exhaust so that they will sound completely different.
  9. That's the longest list I've ever seen. I would hate to write that out. I love the game I even finished 100% of GT3. Even the F1 races. Man that was a wast of time. One of those races actually took me 12 hours to complete. I can't wait for the next one to come out.
  10. update! the car list might be real. here is a clip form what the creator said.

    For those who didn't read our huge summer preview or the E3 Q&A Sessions, the underpinnings of this new iteration are as follows: The main points comprise three elements -- Cars, Environments and Human Elements. There will be more than 500 cars in the game, each comprising more than 2,000 to 3,000 polygons per car. The game includes a history of driving, and so Polyphony will try to represent the lineage and history of the car from its earliest origins until today, including historically significant cars. Environments will feature photo-realistic new courses ranging from all over the world, including the Grand Canyon, New York, the Japanese Tsukuba Circuit and the new Italian course, Citi Di Aria, among many others. And there will be online play, the subject of which Polyphony has been very quiet. SCEA revealed no new information on the game's online featue set. And to reiterate, GT4 is due sometime in 2004.
  11. I'm all over that game when it's out. 2to3k polys is a pretty detailed car and with the opdated gfx & physics engine, it should be crazy. I just hope the do some work with the car modding process, it's too limited and you can't turbo charge the Cobra R :bs: Looks like I'll be getting that online hookup thing afterall.
  12. just imagine the 87-93 mustangs vs. the 87-93 camaro's :rlaugh: :lol:

    :nonono: but then their would be the 94 and up vs. matches, mustangs would get :owned:
  13. thats what bolt-on's are for silly! :banana: ....really im hoping for a larger selection of brands and such....and im hoping for blowers and N20 just to mix things up a little...and BRING BACK THE AERODYNAMIC MODS!
  14. That's one thing I can say about the next Need For Speed(Need For Speed Underground), They will have almost any mod you can imagine-Namebrands, Turbos, S/C, and Nitrous. The bad part is they are going RICE!!! Mostlt imports and a total of 20 cars, Yep 20 cars total. Also listed in the mods are different body kits for each car paint schemes... :rolleyes:

    So much for that title :nonono: :notnice: I'll be sticking with GT and the last NFS thank you very much
  15. Need for Speed: Underground still looks cool as hell though. Out of all the street racing games coming out now (Midnight Club, Fast & Furious, Street Racing Syndicate, etc.), NFS:U looks like the best one. The graphics look great and I like the amount of customization that it features. I'll probably end up getting it or at least renting it.

    What I'd like even more is a game like that, but with American V8 cars instead of imports. Or better yet, a combination of both. How frickin' cool would it be to be able to buy a 1993 Cobra and put full Bassani exhaust on it, along with AFR heads and an alphabet cam (each cam would have the true-to-life powerbands, of course). That would be awesome, but with the rice craze I doubt the developers think there is enough demand to warrant production of such a game. :(
  16. If they were going to get THAT specific about mods, the game would take up like 8 dvds and take about 10 years to develope. But I think they should still do a Mustang racing game with realistc mods and cars. Combine that with the GT4 gfx engine and I would be all over that!

    I don't know about you guys, but I don't mind Rice in games. I still love Midnight Club 2 the King of Rice I don't know why.
  17. Agree with you on that. I'll probably end up renting it, but th $ for the buy it game will go to GT4
  18. I went down to a local gaming store and asked when the game is coming out and they said February 4th. The same day as the Fast and The Furious the game.
  19. There should be a 1993 Lincoln Mark VIII in that list. That's a sleeper.
  20. I watched a 93 lincoln beat an 95 Z28 on the highway...thats when i relized how cool those big lincolns are...(i was in the Z28 not driving)