Grand Theft Auto 4 Fox body?

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  1. I can't believe i haven't seen this posted yet...or maybe i missed it. Anyone familiar with the series knows the car "Uranus", well it looks a whole lot like an '87+ LX with a Pacecar/'82 GT nose on it like my car has. Has anyone played it yet? Can anyone get better pics than this??

  2. I got to play it for a few minutes when it first came out, and noticed it right off the bat. I want to say there is a saleen styled version as well in the game. Someone correct me if I'm wrong
  3. I have the game and just noticed his car recently, obviously a 4eye fox.
  4. Here's a better pic. Some sites are calling it a Merkur which is what caught my attention, and then i realized it's more like a Mustang but kinda has some Escort in it too.


    I can't wait for this to hit PC so somebody can do a proper Mustang mod for it.
  5. There is a version with a whale-tail on it as well and BBS style wheels.

    One thing against it's FWD!!!!!!

    Actually, if i remember correctly, it's one of the only FWD cars in the game! There was a thread before trying to guess what it could be and a lot of guys said it was a European sierra cosworth

    And what the whale-tail version is prob based on

  6. Is it quick? I always hated how the Mustang-esq car ("stallion") in the other ones was a turd. I have to say though, those games keep getting better.
  7. BOOOOO....Hisssssssss...FWD :nonono:

    Funny thing though - I always seem to gravitate towards them when I play the game.

  8. Me too. The 3rd Gen camaros are pretty quick too.

    Once i discovered cheats though, i would use nothing but the Comet.

    There is that lancer rally car behind the manson in the upper left corner of the map, but it sucks ass. It's just cool to hear the turbo's blow-off valve
  9. lol that was pretty much the first thing i noticed when i played the game, then saw it was fwd and got pissed. i just drive the first gen camaro now, or the classic mopar
  10. I loved the beefed-up Red Light District Stallions in GTA3 with the blower sticking outta the hood and the flame paintjob, but ALL of the Stallion cars in EVERY game have always had absolutely horrible handling. :notnice:

    Always loved the Banshee and Infernus cars, though. :nice:

    I am soooooo snapping up a copy of GTA4 when its available for the PC ... although I'm not sure my system will be able to run it worth a damn. I have to run San Andreas at a reduced resolution and medium detail levels, so if I can run GTA4 AT ALL, everything will probably have to be rolled back to minimum levels. :cry:
  11. screw all that Force Unleashed comes out on tuesday
  12. Which GTA is this? Is this the one for PS3 only? If so that game looks bada$$.
  13. Well when it comes out for PC i'll take care of that FWD thing :D

    That big wing also came on the Sierra Cosworth RS and RS500 cars which were raced up Merkurs in Europe. The Uranus looks more like a Mustang with some Merkur/Cosworth Escort influences.

  14. Hey, why doesn't your Merkur look that good? :p

  15. Lack of $$$$$ :D

    For starters, the nose and wheel arches make a world of difference. Those alone change the whole look of the car. Then there's the open grill on the Cosworth. There is a mod out there where you can fit a VW Golf bumper onto a Merkur and it looks a lot like the Cosworth, but i don't have the fabrication skills to make it happen. I do have some sweet ARE rims going on it soon though.
  16. Yours really isn't that bad... For such a strange car. I kinda want one. How fast is it?
  17. it will probably beat his 85 in the 1/4

  18. In the 1/4 no, but on a road course it'll humiliate even a new Evo or STi with a few minor suspension upgrades (basically urathane bushings) and good tires. They didn't make enough torque to run what i'm running in the 1/4 but on the highway from a roll or something like that it would definitely be close, no contest at all in the corners. My Merkur is probably putting down around 190-200hp, maybe 240tq. The US cars came with an open diff IRS rear end so they're really not suited for drag racing.

    There's a guy local to me who auto crosses one and he's got race rubber 275/17's all around and that car hooks so hard in the corners that it almost tips on 2 wheels if he's not careful.
  19. Does it weigh like 10 pounds? I love underdog cars like that.