Grand Theft Auto 4 Fox body?

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  1. wanna run my gs-t? 18psi of intercooled boost baby!!! its got about $200 worth of work and it traps at 97-99mph it trapped at 95 with a f'd boost controller and making around 13psi with lots of boost creep..

    but the 2.3's are fun, a good t3/t4, ported head/intake, and a big ic will make really good power for the money..

  2. According to the curb weight on the door sticker, the XR weighs 29xx lbs, but the 'stang is down to 2880 so not only does the stang make more power but it still weighs less. If i put some suspension bits on it, it probably would out handle it too. But, that's the beauty of the Fox Mustang :D

    As for running the GS-T, i'd have to be a ricer about it and run from a roll, it's got nothing from a stop and takes boost to get moving...but we're not allowed to talk about that stuff on here so i'll leave it at that :p

    Like i said i'd take it to the track, but with the rear end being an IRS, open diff, rare as a unicorn and not built for drag's safer not to. I probably will someday but i won't launch it hard so it really won't show what it can do in the 1/4. It's not gonna hook with a one wheel peal on street tires either way.
  3. i want a turbo escort...
  4. 2880? Wow. Once you get things ironed out with your launch, you'll really be deep into the 12s!

  5. Yep, i'm betting on 12.20s with slicks and control arms. The C90E heads i'm using have some real serious quality port work :nice:
  6. Yea I realized it's FWD too, kinda sad. I like the old muscle cars the most and the nrg-900 lol