Expired Gray tweed GT rear seats

Discussion in 'Interior Exterior Parts' started by srtthis, Jan 16, 2013.

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  1. gray mustang rear seats for a GT hatchback 87-93. but should fit older fox body hatch backs also.

    seats are in good condition. they have been sitting in the garage for a few years so they could stand to be cleaned.
    asking 50 plus shipping. prefer local pick up thought since they are on the big side.open to trades for other mustang parts. email offers

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  2. bump...

    open to offers!
  3. where you located?
  4. right out side baltimore... i can bring them to harrisburg next time im up there (mother in law lives there)
  5. any tears, burns etc in the seat bottom? What year out of?
  6. Not that I know of... I will look them over better this weekend
  7. bump.... btw there are no tears or burns
  8. I have gray rears, I need gray fronts. otherwise I would be interested.
  9. Seats still available?
  10. I am interested in the seats do you have the hardware for them also bolts and brackets please give me a text 718-838-4573 and if you can send some better pics
  11. Yes I still have the seats...
  12. still got them... make an offer. open to trades. just want them gone
  13. can get them to NC?
  14. yes i can ship them if need be if your willing to pay the shipping
  15. still got them...
  16. still have these seats... PM me since i never seem to make it down here to check these things
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.