Great freeway gas mileage for V6?

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  1. Went on a 122.6 mile freeway trip yesterday in our '06 V6 convert. Speed was held steady at 60 mph on cruise control. Used 4.027 gals. Filled up at the same station and same pump on return as when we went down. Cut return trip fill-up off at first click just as on initial fill-up. Made sure tire pressure was up to recommended specs. all the way around. Only mods I have is a K&N drop in air filter and the Flowmaster Am. Thunder single exhaust made espec. for this V6. Mileage came out to 30.44 mpg. Was I ever pleasantly surprised. I had heard that you can get 29 mpg highway with this car and this engine if you kept the speed reasonable, but the 30.4 was beyond my expectations. Could it be the freer flowing intake and exhaust with those two mods?
  2. I'll tell you how to make it better. Drop down to a half tank or less then drop your speed to 54. Being a vert probably put the top up to cut down on drag or not use the cruise but no ac. you should gain another 4 or 5 more. Have the wife lay off the cheese doodles if need be. :)
  3. When I drove from Jersey to Virginia about 360 miles going down I got 26.5 mpg, without trying to get good mileage and coming back I got 28 mpg and that was staying at a steady speed of 65 mph. I have never gotten 30 mpg but I am sure it is possible. I just wonder if doing a Zabteck throttle body would help without getting my tune changed.
  4. Sweet!

    I'm not a six'er, but I've seen just north of 29mpg on a trip from South Jersey to Ohio, but most of the time my Hwy avg is around 26-27mpg.
  5. Hey, that's REALLY Great for a V-8! About how fast were you driving on the So. Jersey to Ohio trip?
  6. We were running about 4mph over the limit with only one stop for food & fuel.
  7. What was the speed limit there, 60?
  8. The majority of it was 65, though there are a few spots that go as low as 50.

    *Mods at the time: C&L 'Street", Tillman Speed Dyno Tune, Borla Axle Back, and GT500 wheels/tires (speed corrected and matched with the Pioneer GPS HU). No other mods I had at the time would effect mpg*
  9. Well, that's still really good mileage for the V-8, IMHO...Makes me want to seriously consider going back to the V-8 again if I get a 2010 or 2011 'stang. :D
  10. I know that since I've gotten my mustang last December with 12 miles on it, I now have right under 8000 miles on it and including in town and highway driving (mostly highway) I've gotten amazing mileage, my average even with romping on it and having fun with it most of the time is still 23 average MPG for over 7900 miles so that's still not bad and I'm planning on putting cold air and exhaust so it's only gonna get better, my last mustang was a 2000 GT and I'm in love with the V6 and glad to be doing something different.
  11. I got 25mpg on a 150mile round trip on a freeway, however, I was cursing 75+mph for the majority of the trip. On the way down, I was plowing straight into a 10-20mph wind : / Died down a little on the way back, but still helped. At one point on the way back I also kicked it up to 110 for a little bit :D
  12. I made a trip home to Ohio with the stang recently. highway speed at around 70 to 75mph.


    Have duals and an intake, I assume that had something to do with it. Before the intake was installed, the highest I'd seen was around 30.
  13. u guys are lucky, i don't think i could ever get better than 20mpg.