Great pic of Brantley's car from the autox yesterday

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  1. :hail2: :hail2: That thing looks like it's cornering HARD. but it's hookin with hardly any roll... But how is the ride quality for a daily driver ? or is this track car only ???? GOOD WORK....
  2. I really need to it the auto-X course. I am scared though, because I would be thrown into an insane class..... modified street, all becuase I milled the head and a few other little things I did. Since it is all for fun (for me anyway) maybe I could get into the street prepared class. :(
    Cougar, Stinger, and other kansan's.... we need to plan for an auto-X... even if it isn't till march. :D
    Hopefully, by then, I will have rear control arms, 4.10's and front coil overs, and CC plates, and some more lightening.
  3. Don't worry about it, you'll still get your butt kicked by an all stock old VW Jetta that's all beat up and only cost the really smooth driver $250.

    Just go have fun like you said.
  4. ha! ill bring my mountain bike, cost me 100$, has 12 speeds and takes corners with little to no body roll....mind it is still STOCK :rlaugh:
  5. [​IMG]
    Oh wow 140cilx when did you buy that piece?
  6. once spring hit ill be at the local track autocrossing. i dont have any pics, i just have some videos. my be i can get some better times with my 5spd thats goin in and my F 17x8 R 17x9 cobra R's might help alittle
  7. It suits me doesn't it? Like a clown car, then I jump out w/ glowing red hair and all the kids come running. :bang:
  8. Make me some balloon animals!
  9. love the sn95 wheels on the mustang! :nice:

  10. I emailed the guy who took those pics.. he sent me 3 pics that he had, and in high res! Check them out:

    Pic 1
    Pic 2
    Pic 3

    The race was a blast.. Had a great time hanging out with James and Kerry. That Jetta was crazy. At one point he got it up on 2 wheels! The course was so tight that I basically never got into full boost, but I still had enough power to throttle steer when I wanted. My car was pushing some, which really hurt me in 360* circle around the cones. If I could have gotten the hang of that part, I think I could have knocked off another 0.5 to 1.5 seconds easily. I tried all kinds of different things trying to get around it faster and I just couldn't seem to do it any better. This was the first race with the new engine, caster/camber plates, bigger tires, and subframes, so it felt pretty different. Overall I was really pleased with the car.

    CruzNlife1 - it is pretty harsh for a daily driver, but once you open it up on the autox course or a tight mountain road, it makes it all worth it! :D I have gotten used to it and it doesn't bother me. I actually like the way it feels - tight, together, and responsive.

    bhuff - I'm in SM, and I basically got owned even tho I was pleased with my runs. Just go out and have a good time; no need to worry about winning the class.
  11. How much drop did those springs drop you? What size tires? Rub bad? Looks awesome. :nice:
  12. Not quite sure, Bill already put those springs in before I bought the car from him. I'm guessing around a 2" drop or so. It's a bit too low with the 17" rims, IHMO. I'd like to raise it up a bit, but it works for now. I do like the way it looks, tho. Tires are Kumho Ecsta 711s. Rears are 255/45/17 and the fronts are 245/45/17. They don't rub too bad. I had to roll the fender lip on all 4 fenders. The rears don't rub much anymore, but the fronts still rub a lot. However, the way I have the fenders rolled, it's not going to damage the tire any. Fronts don't run unless I corner really hard, so for daily driving they don't rub much at all.

  13. it 's an awesome looking car :nice: