Great, problem here...water coming out exhaust and running very rough

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by deftsound, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. So yesterday i was driving and i gunned it and the intake coupler came off the throttle body. So i fixed it today and now the car is running rough and water spits out the tailpipes (more than normal)...

    Tell me i didnt blow my headgasket...there is no oil in the coolant resevoir that i can tell and no water on the dipstick...
  2. Check your coolant and see if you are loosing any. Also check to see if you have any oil in your coolant reservoir and check the dip stick. If its milky white, that is bad.
  3. give the computer a reset?

    what about the car running is rough? idle, spirited driving, WOT, 'sunday driving'?
  4. you never want to see water coming out the tailpipes, except for the usual condensation when it is cold out, and the car has just been cranked, or maybe after a trip thru a car wash. You can have a blown head gasket or a cracked head without getting water in the oil or oil in the water. head gaskets frequently do not cause water/oil mixing, as they blow out between two cylinders where there is no water/oil passages to leak. You can also get a blowout that just breaks a water passage and not an oil passage or vice-versa...

    Compression test would be a good place to start
  5. Taste it (the water coming out of the tail pipe)...if it's sweet, it's antifreeze and you've got a problem.
  6. im going to restart the computer and see what happens
  7. I'd bet the water is just condensation and you are noticing it because you are paranoid. If you are really sending coolant through the engine, it will come out as steam and will smell clearly like coolant.

    I'd bet you just have a vacuum leak. Check the vacuum hoses connected to the intake tubes, they may have been knocked loose/broken when the hose popped off. Also, check the PCV valve to see if it's seated properly.

    It's violent when a hose pops off under boost! At 20psi, it sounds and feels like a gun-shot.
  8. hmm well im confused at this point, i went to drive it around and now it runs like normal again...

    timeline of events:

    1) coupling blows off
    2) put coupling back on
    3) car is idling rough and backfiring
    4) drove around 30 minutes and now it runs fine....

    i have no idea....but im glad its running fine again
  9. Sweet id hate to see anything bad happen to that car.
  10. you should still taste the liquid coming out of the tailpipes - mmmmmmm coolant
  11. i did, it was just just seemed like a lot but i think i was being paranoid
  12. Hey man, thats perfectly normal. I have blown my couplers several times and had this effect. I just reset the ECU let it idle for 10-20 minutes, and drive the piss out of it. I have since rolled my tube ends and roughed up the surface where the t-bolts clamp on the pipe. Works perfect!
  13. Sounds like you had a good scare...

    Water is a natural by product of combustion, nothing to be concerned about. Steam on the other hand would be bad.

    Sometimes issues like what you had clearing DTC/info or just disconnecting the battery helps. The PCM just kinda freaks out to adjust, and it can take a while for the fuel trims to smooth back out.