Greetings and thanks


Nov 1, 2019
South Yorkshire U.K.
Hi guys, thanks for having me here.
I live in the U.K. and classify myself as a bit of a petrol head, loving especially the weird and unusual.
In the summer over here I bought myself a “35th” anniversary model, 3.8 v6 with the very low mileage of just over 20,000 although as it’s come from japan it’s actually showing 32000km its whits with a central black stripe.
Until very recently it’s behaved itself but a few days ago it wouldn’t start and was flashing the theft light. I read all I could find about this fault and luckily found this very useful forum, I stripped off all sorts of bits and pieces to try and gain access to where I thought I’d find a fault, finally today I’ve removed the splash guard to get to the ccrm. Luckily I’d read much on here about this unit, including a wiring schematic which I followed until I found the problem, there was no power on wire “12” , when I rechecked the fuse board there was no power to either side of fuse “2” all other fuses concerned with the ccrm were good.
I couldn’t remove the fuse board although I did try for several hours, finally I decided to run a jumper wire to No12 on the ccrm plug with the original wire cut, when I switched on and cranked the engine I was happy to hear it growl into life.
Now I’m just taking a well earned break before I complete this repair to an good standard, with power delivered through a relay, unless someone knows another way.
Just like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has posted information regarding the theft light and ccrm issues, without you all I could have struggled for weeks as the Haynes workshop manual wasn’t much help and the handbook doesn’t go into enough detail, again thank you all
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