Greetings From Erik At Vivid Racing!!

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  1. Hello people of StangNet!!

    My name is Erik and I am part of the team here at Vivid Racing in Gilbert, AZ!

    We had a ton of fun developing and building our last Ford project car, the Ford Focus ST.
    During the time we owned it, we used it as a test bed for different products we developed in house through our manufacturing division (Agency Power) along with products developed by other top manufactures.

    As a Vivid Racing Project Car, the entire build was documented on our website with step by step installs, videos, and pictures.
    Link and Pictures below!





    We are excited to apply what we've learned about Fords EcoBoost platform and have our eyes set on the S550 Mustang EcoBoost!

    This new platform will add a dynamic to the Mustangs lineage that hasn't been seen for years, and the advancements in technology being implemented in forced induction vehicles of today makes this a very exciting time to own a project like this!

    Some of the other factory turbocharged cars we have developed tunes for in house at our tuning branch (VRTuned) have seen increases of 150hp from just our tune alone! We have plans to produce our easy to use tuning kits and other products to help other S550 owners get the most out of their new mustangs!

    I'm here to help and to get to know the members of this community as we become a bigger part of it! So feel free to contact me if there is anything I can help you find or if you just want to talk about Mustangs and any other platform! Our company has been around since 2001 and has established strong relationships with a lot of manufacturers in the industry, so we can get you very competitive prices on anything you're looking for!

    We are looking forward to contributing to this community and keeping our development on the new mustang documented with blogs, pictures and videos shared here and on our website!

    So keep an eye out for Vivid Racing in the next few months!

    Best Regards,
    Erik Benedikt
    Support and Sales
    Vivid Racing
    1429 W. Scott Ave
    Gilbert, AZ 85233
    (480)966 3040 ext.230
    [email protected]
  2. Love the Focus ST, looking forward to seeing what you get out the the Mustang ecoboost