Greetings from Russia

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  1. Hi,
    My name is Sergei. I live in Moscow, Russia. I have come across this forum and decided to join the community. I drive a 1991 Mustang. It's full of mods in all departments and runs quite strong.
    If anyone is interested, we have a Mustang Club in Russia. Should you feel like paying a visit, you are welcome to drop in at Mustang Club (Powered by V8). It's all in Russian though.

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  2. welcome to stangnet

    Any chance you could put up a post on the Russian site in english? I tried to register but cant figure it out, lol.
  3. That shouldn't be a problem. Let me try to guide you through the registration process. When you open the first page, you see a pinkish line close to the top. Click on the last word in this line (регистрация). That puts you to the next page with forum rules. You are supposed to check a box at the bottom left and then click on the button which says Регистрация. In the next page you will have to fill out a few lines: first line from the top on the left hand side, which says login is for your forum name; below it are two boxes where you should type your password (same in both boxes); next two boxes should be filled with your email; below them is a small drop-down box with a question whether or not you own a Mustang. Choose Да for yes, or Нет for No. Next comes a line with a code to prove that you are a real person. On the right side of the page there is a question whether you agree to receive mail from admins and users, next a line where you can set your time zone and two final lines are make and model of your car. When you have completed this form, click on the button Зарегистрироваться at the bottom. That's all, there is to it.

    There are many members of our forum who speak English. You are welcome to post. Be assured your posts won't be ignored or stay unanswered.
  4. ok I got it done. Now where is the new member intro link or forum?
  5. Congratulations! I see your profile page:
    We don't have a designated section for new member introductions on our forum. I suggest that you post here in a "General discussions" forum:
    In the first line on this page (Название темы) you type the title of your post. Second line is optional and usually isn't filled. Then there is a big box where you should type your message. When you are done, go to the bottom of the page. Just below the smiley faces there is a button Создать тему - Submit a new thread. Click on it and you are done.
  6. They have cars in Russia?!?!?!

    j/k Welcome! :D
  7. Newbie looking for some love!

    Sup from SoCal! I have to admit I am new to all of this and to be honest I have admired Stangs from afar for far too long so I broke down and bought a 1990 5.0LX 5 speed with some character and I plan to make it MINT!!!!. Right now my Stang is a little rough but in time it will shine.

    I plan to post pics of the before and definitely keep posting after I make my mods.

    I joined this forum because I can see everyone here is serious about their Stangs as am I. So I am ready to share and learn.


  8. No go

    Says I dont have permission to post...Do yo know why?

  9. Oh, surprise, surprise. I guess, they introduced an approval procedure by one of admins. Don't worry, I'll drop them a note and you'll be granted posting rights.
  10. You've got the green light now. You can post anytime.
  11. Welcome! :)

    Google seems to do a pretty good job translating the forum to English.

    Google Translate
  12. A/S/L ? It'll cost ya!!! :eek:
  13. Thanks Ping, I got it.
  14. Welcome! Beautiful fox! I have a 92..not quite as beautiful as yours lol