Greetings from SF Bay Area

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  1. Greetings.

    Three weeks ago I found myself unexpectedly in the market for a new car when my Lexus GS 430 was driven into a body of water by my dear mother. She's OK but the car was totaled. My Lexus never gave me problems before and was surprisingly quiet and stable - even at 110 mph you'd feel like you're at 75 mph. Still, it's a car I "liked" but never "loved."

    When my wife asked what new car I wanted all I could think of was owning a new Mustang. You see, until now, I owned a series of "sensible" Japanese cars throughout my life.

    When I was a kid I almost purchased a '65 2+2 Mustang ... but I didn't. Now that I'm approaching an obligatory mid-life crisis all I could think of was owning my first pony car.

    I just purchased my 2010 Mustang GT Premium in Black. Manual transmission. Track package. Red leather comfort package. Electronics package. HID lights. When I turn the key and hear that engine roar I feel like I've come home. I love this car! This weekend I'll be driving through San Francisco proper ... I think I might revisit a couple of Steve McQueen's corners ...
  2. Welcome!
  3. welcome and congrats on yer 1st mustang.. i know frisco driving is a pain the arse.. safe driving!
  4. Yeah. SF is an honest pain for driving.
    I like driving highway 1 along the coast or 280 south ... nice long stretches of smooth winding road ...