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  1. Hello to all I'm new to the mustang scene. I was converted when my dad bought a 1988 gt and brought it to me on a trailer not running and the interior in a pile inside the car. To be honest I thought to myself what has he gotten me into. My girlfriend said that needs to go straight to the junkyard. I like a challenge and I'm pretty good with anything with an engine. I mostly work on boats but I like Range Rover classics and have saved several from the scrapyard anyway I got this gt running and put the interior back together in less than a week I was amazed with the power and decided to sell my BMW 633csi and keep it. The car is allot of fun and though I'm a mustang rookie I have made a real ugly car look pretty darn good in a six week time frame. I have allot to learn about the upgrades that are out there so I will be asking questions and as soon asI can I'll post some pics. Cheers Randy .
  2. Here is a few pics!

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  3. job well done! :cheers: