SOLD Griggs Fox Modular K-member And Suspension

Discussion in 'Suspension Parts' started by MRaburn, Nov 9, 2011.

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  1. Bought this for our Built to Cruise Project and was not used due to clearance issues. We used the K-member only as a roller for a while while doing the build.

    OVER $2k New from Griggs.

    I will sell it all shipped for $1200.00

    What you get...

    Griggs MKM 2000-36 K-Member for FOX using a Mod Motor
    - includes motor mounts, rack bushings and spacers.
    Griggs Racing Products
    Griggs MFA 2000 ESR Tubular Control Arm Set
    Griggs Racing Products
    Griggs FCO 2000 Coil Over Kit
    Griggs Racing Products
    GRP2 BUMKIT - Bumpsteer Kit
    Griggs Racing Products
    SFCO 8-450 Springs 8" x 350#

    Lemme know!
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  2. a for sale ad as a sticky!? :shrug: peace

  3. Ya strange how that happened, the mods must like me. ;)
  4. Dang i really needed this deal before hand and couldve saved alot of hassle......what mounts is it for?
  5. Would this not fit with the new 5.0? Which kmember did you end up going with?
  6. Sorry for the late replies guys, never saw your posts.

    This is a 4,6 swap specific for a early fox, as the control arms are designed as such.

    You could use this on a 5.0 swap which we had planned to do, but with the stock oil pan it will not work. Canton and Moroso not have swap pans so this kit should work fine now for the 5.0s.
  7. So would this work for a stock GT ?
  8. I have a 1989 GT, my first Mustang, and I have been wanting to improve the suspension, so I am really curious about this. What would I have to do to make it fit my car ?

    Where are you (or is the kit) located ? What would the cost be with no shipping ?

  9. . . . I guess this is kind of expired. Oh well.
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