grill delete question

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  1. i was thinking of just getting rid of my mustang's grill altogether. i have a 00 gt and i hate the honeycomb grill. my brother got the mach 1 delete for his 03 gt but i don't want to have the same thing going.

    when he bought his car it came with a billet grill but he dumped it for the mach grill.

    my question is should i reuse the billet grill my brother got rid of or should i just have my car with no grill at all. the idea of having a stang with no grill came to me from a video i saw on youtube. i saw a mustang that is identical to mine minus the grill.

    also if id just remove the grill would my car look this clean or is there something else i need to add. take a look and tell me what you think...
  2. im no fan of the billet grille, but if you don't get the mach 1 to get rid of the stock one, then you'll have a couple of visible round holes in your bumper in that grille area, and it's not too attractive.

    no many alternatives, unless you have an FR500 Hood Custom Made, which will be really expensive.
  3. I'm confused, was this an accident in posting this here? This is the detailing forum, like paint polishing/correction, waxing, sealants, etc. I think you'd get more answers if you posted in this forum ...
  4. so to get the look the white mustang has in the link i need an actual grill delete kit?

    just leave out the running horse?
  5. I just put the Mach 1 grille delete on my 02. It currently looks like the one in your pic because I am waiting on the security screws to come in.

    The link below has Ford part numbers for it all. Just go ask for the the Radiator cover and the trim panel. I would suggest that you follows this guys instructions as well. It's a pain to get to the screws in the bumper, but it fits better and tighter with the nylon washers. I did not cut the original bolts (PA rust), I replaced them with M8x1/2 self tapping hex headed screws.