Grip Tuning seeking candidates for Sponsorships!

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  1. Greetings!

    Well, we here at GRIP are looking for QUALIFIED candidates for sponsorships.

    Please submit your information to [email protected].

    Please read the following requirements, if you don’t meet them, or can’t, then don’t bother sending your info. Whenever we look for Sponsors, we are inundated with people who don’t read and realize what we are asking for.

    1. Send good, detailed photos of your car
    2. Send a full, and complete mod list. Future mods really aren’t important. We want to see that what is on your mod list, is actually on your car.
    3. List of shows you attended in 2008, and shows you intend on attending in 2009. If we choose you, we will require you to send photos from each show, proving that you made an appearance.
    4. Please tell us WHY you think that you would make a good ROI (return on investment), because that is essentially what we are doing. Sponsorships are solely for marketing purposes, unfortunately, we are not in the business of charity.
    5. List any other sponsors and contacts at those companies so we can follow up, as well as any media coverage your car has recieved

    We are looking to move on this pretty quickly…so if you think you may have what it takes, put it together, and send it my way!


    -Matt @ GRIP

  2. Is the body kit the only product you currently offer for the S197 mustang? (my car is not a show car, I am only helping inform people that may be interested...)
  3. Yes, currently it is. We to exterior accessores...So if that may be of interest to some people, let us know!
  4. Sounds like a good deal for someone.