Gross vehicle weight compared to real world vehicle weight?

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  1. I was needing to know the weight of a vehicle, gross vs real world vehicle weight. What is the real difference. Also Where can I find the weight of a vehicle, the gross vehicle weight shown on the door sticker seems to be way heavy???
  2. i follow ya!
  3. You should scale the car at a local shop who does chassis, that will tell you the real story.

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  4. I believe gross weight is the vehicle fully loaded = car, max passenger weight, and max cargo weight. Curb weight is the weight of the car from the factory.

    To get it's actual current weight, yeah, you'd have to get it on some scales.
  5. this particular vehicle isn't a car after all. ITs a Explorer, that I plan on building a low budget Bracket truck out of. With pictures and info to follow!