Grounding Point For 12v Battery?

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by Zhen, Dec 19, 2013.

  1. Can someone tell me where the battery negative return is supposed to attach on a V6 mustang? I need to know where the other end of this battery cable gets grounded.
  2. What year? Mine grounds to the core support its right off the battery.... there is another down by the starter and I believe one more
  3. This is on a 1996 3.8L base coupe. I see the one to the core support. I'm interested in where the heavy cable goes. The manual says it's ground G105 and is on the left front of the engine but don't see where. The battery has lost ground connection, so I need to know where to look. I know the positive goes to the starter. Does the negative go there too?
  4. I don't believe it goes to the starter. I re did my grounds on my v8 and put them on the body of the car. Try that, all grounds must lead back to the battery ground. Nearly all grounds and just ran the body of the car. Don't put any ground cables on the starter, the starter is already a ground. Or go to a junk yard and look at a v6 mustang
  5. Yesterday, I put it up on a friend's lift. The negative ties to a 5/16" stud next to the starter. Fortunately it's not with the starter's positive lead which is difficult to reach. I found a new cable at advanced auto. The longest one was 49" and just reached. I zip tied it to the original bundle rather than tear open the plastic harness.
  6. If it's wired anything like the V8's, the neg grounds to the engine block.