Group Pic (Gutter and Closet Members)

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  1. OK, To everyone in The Gutter, and The closset, Or gaurding Closet and me....

    I am making a funny group pic. Post a picture of yourself to put in this picture and we'll see what we come up with...

    This should be funny, if you can't find a picture, we'll just stick a banana in your place :banana:.
  2. Here my pic
  3. Double post . . . move along . . . nothing to see here.
  4. If you want a real picture, you'll have to wait a while for me to dig one up.



  5. Well, good Lord, girl!! what on earth do you expect with that picture??? I was sitting at my desk eating lunch when I opened this thread; when the picture popped up, I swallowed a 6" Blimpie sandwich whole! Onje of the guys on my crew was talking to me; he lost his train of thought!

    By the way, I like that blue dress better than the green! :drool: :drool: :drool:

    EDIT: Oh, yeah; I'll see if I can't dig up a pic and post it up. Was going to say that before, but I got distracted by a lllllllllllllegggggggggggg :drool:

    Still Dreamin'

  6. :banana: More LEG :banana:
  7. It'll have to wait til tomorrow, but I got a good one of ME-ow. remote in one hand, bottle in the other (of what is anyone's guess).

  8. sorry no pics of me and no digi cam or scanner, so i guess it's banana for me
  9. chelle sorry but i had to take some liberties with your avatar

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  10. One Banana, two banana??

    This is comming out great, keeo the pics comming!
  11. Here's mine!


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  12. I dunno, that didn't work for me? :shrug: Her "new" left leg looks a little pudgy; and that bikini top looks like something one our octogenerian winter visitors might wear :eek: :notnice:

    But certainly do appreciate the effort :D

    Still Dreamin'
  13. I also have a bikini version, but I'm going to refrain from posting it because I don't want the gutter to overflow with StD's drool.

  14. I still like this one:

  15. sorry i'm not a very good photochopper, and i did that in about 5 minutes at midnight

  16. Ah, yes......January is a very good time of the year!

    And Chelle, if I can get past the "newyearchick" (actually, that's my favorite piccie of her blonde sister :nice: ) without my eyeballs exploding; then the bikini pic shouldn't hurt me too much (honest!).

    Besides, if it does; I promise to suffer in (relative) silence :p

    Still Dreamin'
  17. Shouldn't that be "eyeball", singular, NOT plural???

    Here's my pic:
  18. This will be quite a picture!
  19. Okay, this is gonna take a couple of shots so I don't exceed my limit! Deanna gets to pick her favorite.

    First, you get me, my "real redneck" self!

    First, awake in the middle of a BS session:
  20. Then, there's me in my "Too much beer, not enough sleep" mode:

    (Yes, I was asleep leaning up against a mulberry tree when this was shot!)