Group Pic (Gutter and Closet Members)

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  1. Last is me in my "Closet persona" (which I believe is the best shot by far! :nice: )
  2. Hubba Hubba!


  3. And one of my kid......

    ......who gets her looks from her grandmother!

    "Action shot" of 1/2NK on her horse during the Horsemanship Competition of the 2004 Yuma Jaycees' Silver Spur Rodeo Queen contest. (Taken by a proud but inept Dad :nonono: )

    (HINT: If you pester her a lot, you might get a fullsize copy of her "calendar girl" photo; which she cropped to make her avatar! :nice: )

  4. Okay; if you're gonna "Hubba, hubba" over that, I want to see (and probably drool over :drool: ) the bikini shot ASAP!

    Still Dreamin'
  5. StD....I have to say, the third photo of you is the best by far....the first two make you look OLD! :rlaugh:

    To be is a recent shot of the "real" me...:
  6. ooome! ooo me !
  7. Damn man! That pic makes you look wimpy!:rlaugh:
  8. Here ya go


  9. Y'know, I'm starting to wonder about you ridin' on the console between those two monkeys! :lol:

    And what's with the hair??? Oh, I get it; instead of the monkeys growing hair on their palms........ :nonono:

    Still Dreamin'
  10. See the gesture the one on the left side of the picture is making, it is just for you
  11. Darn . Is it my hair ? :rlaugh:
  12. OoooooOOooOoOOOoOoo.... let me dig up a goooooooood one of NK and one of me....
  13. Ok ,, fixed my hair .. :D

  14. EDIT: I was going to make a "So that's what an Eleanor creator looks like" comment; but that would be just.....bad :nonono:

    :lol: :stick:

    Still Dreamin'
  15. How about a pic of my killer guard fishy?

  16. :shrug: Heard worse...... :D
  17. still wimpy...:nonono:
  18. I seem to remember you doing that with my avatar at one time there Chelle! :D
  19. Ya know, in all the years here, I never had a character, only the car!

    Ah well, enjoying D's thread!

  20. Okay the fish is kinda cooll, a pic of Emily or Trixie would fun, too. The avatars, well..... :drool:

    But when are you just gonna post up a pic or two of your ownself??? I've a couple of suggestions: Either a closeup of your smiling self (think you have one hiding in your server somewhere); or maybe the shot off your old webpage of you sitting on Sadie's hood.

    (Okay, so it makes you look like a teenager; is that so bad? Wait 'til you're forty-something years old - you'll wish you looked like a teenager!!! I mean Jeeze, look at my present "real-life photos!

    Still Dreamin'