Group Pic (Gutter and Closet Members)

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  1. Here ya go.

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  2. Where's Viking speed?
  3. :rolleyes: Are you trying to cause trouble GP? You know I have promised to be a good boy. :p It did cross my mind though since I hate walking on eggshells but I can't risk offending anyones over sensitive nature or having the board gang up on me again simply for the sake of some harmless ribbing.
  4. Me? Cause trouble? Never! I am an innocent little lamb ;) I think you and I are the only ones left here with thick skin. Except you took the high road and I'm still down here on the low road looking for things to entertain myself with :p Gotta go, there's a cat over there I wana kick
  5. :lol: More like the one that sends the little lamb to slaughter you mean. Agreed though, thick skin is a rareity these days. Honestly, I prefer to think of myself as walking the middle road, with the option to turn low or high at every fork. ;)
  6. Here's Mustanggurl's work...

    I present:
  7. Ah, man, where's the love? Not even a mention of gp001 in the credits. I smell a conspiracy. You guys are trying to keep a good monkey down. :(
  8. :lol: Ah ha, just like the Professor and Marian in the original theme song, you got hosed.

    I mean, awe bummer, it's got to be an innocent mistake. :nonono:
  9. Complain to Mustanggurl!

    I'm just her servant (er, father!)
  10. Hey gp001, don't feel bad - they've got the Closet Keeper Chick all dolled up (as she always is) and me sound asleep leaning against a tree! To say nothing of the fact that my (unfortunately) real persona was used; instead of the little green guy; who's infinitely more sexy and younger looking than I am! :rolleyes:

    I think the monkeys put Dee up to it! :mad: I told you those monkeys can't be trusted!

    Still Dreamin'
  11. This is Deanna on Chepsk8's name, I'm to lazy right now to switch to mine.
    Hey gp001, I used YOUR picture as the MAIN base of the whole thing, that should count as somthing!

    And hey, StD, if we pretend your awake, it makes y ou look...all 007 sort of.
  12. Hey, dreamer, you can't stay as young and sexy as I am. Eventually I too will be an old fart falling asleep against a tree.

    * What they don't know is that I'm actually an evil scientist who discovered a youth serum and I'm really 507!
  13. OH that is you...I thought she used a pic of one of those old tree guy's from Lord of the Rings :D
  14. But you don't get the Senior Citizen's Discount at KFC like stangdreamin does ;)
  15. Yes this is true. But I can also tell people that my girlfriend is only 18 and not get weird looks - and to me that alone makes it worth it! :)

  16. Pfffttt, that's nothing.

    Actually, it is something - since my wife and I started dating some 23 years ago, people have always accused me of "robbing the cradle" when it comes to being with her. In actuality, she's in fact one year older than me! :rolleyes: Now that we're both in our early 40's, Mrs StDr gives me no amount of grief about this, so I just I tell her: 1.) Our looks represent how living with each other affects us, and 2.) No matter how old and gray I am, she'll always be older!!! :D :D :D

    Still Dreamin'

  17. 007???? Don't you mean I look like the original 007 (Sean Connery) looks today? :(

    Hey, waitaminute.....Sean Connery looks like he does and still gets all the babes! :nice: Where are the Closet Keeper Chick and her blonde sister? Ohhhhhh lassies! (I can do his accent) :D :D :D :D :D :D

    Still Dreamin'
  18. .....

    :doh: :nonono: What I was trying to get at was the pose.....

    Deanna :rolleyes:

  19. :rlaugh: And you like your Gutter swill Shaken not stirred.
  20. The scale is ALL wrong! It makes me look like I'm getting ready to do a leg-humping routine on the Closet Keeper! :nonono:

    nice job anyway Deanna! :nice: