Group Purchase for 94-98 Saleen S281 wing?

Discussion in '1979 - 1995 (Fox, SN95.0, & 2.3L) -General/Talk-' started by xr8d302, May 19, 2005.

  1. Put me on the list..
  2. PM me a price on the wing. Thanks
  3. X don't mean to pressure you, but can you pm me the price?
  4. liar, LIAR!
    you meant everything to pressure him :D

    yeah bro, gimme the skinny...
    and i'm not talkin about xr8 jr either :rlaugh:
  5. cmon guys we need more people.
  6. How many do we need?? There's already 15 plus me and 2 others, so 18 so far that I know of. :shrug:
  7. Just let me know a price and I'll let you know if I'm in or not. :)
  8. Dammit!! Ok, X, hurry your Canadian butt up and give us the price. The suspense is killing us. You made the price sound pretty good, I hope it's somewhere in the $60 neighborhood. :D
  9. The guy at Saleen wants 30-40.
  10. hahaha, i WISH!

    PMing you now :nice:
  11. have you thought about maybe putting this up on any other boards, like Corral?
  12. So what's happening with this??
  13. Interested...PM me the price.
  14. Me too... :nice: [​IMG]
  15. I'd like to get a price also
  16. I was dissappointed with my saleen s 281 wing. it only uses two holes to bolt on and saleen's tech department says to use double sided 3M tape. I bought the best I could find and it didn't hold it down the ends kept peeling up.

    Since I already had it painted so I couldn't return it. It did require a couple hours of prep and paint work. The bodyshop ended up using some adhesive to secure it to my trunk. It will never come off which is fine with me.

  17. Still waiting on numbers man...
  18. So I assume this is dead? :bang:
  19. It's not dead. He just needs 30-40 guys to make it happen.
  20. Ok guys, i REALLY need to get this wing now. Please tell me the price, or i will be forced to go buy one on my own, but i really wanna get a deal if i can. I will be painting my car very soon