Group Purchase for 94-98 Saleen S281 wing?

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  1. yea i think ima just trade trunks with a v6 and stay wingless. if i can find one. if this happens any time soon plz pm me.
  2. pm me a price, been trying to get one of these wings for a long time.
  3. canadian group buy!!!
  4. I'm in depending on price... i have a birthday coming up...

    give us an idea of the normal price so we can guestimate what the discount or shipping cost could be.
  5. X - I just PMed you - please count me in and get back to me when you can, thanks!!
  6. CAN we get an update X? PLEASE!!!!!!!
  7. I'm in depending on Price (shipped). Send me a price and I will forward you my info.
  8. I'm guessing this is dead since it hasn't been brought up in about a week, guess I'll have to go solo - thanks anyways and let me know if it changes.
  9. pm me a price if you dont mind.
  10. If you read... its going to take 30-40 orders to confirm anything..
  11. well how about at least keeping us updated with the #'s?? The list back on page 3 is pretty old (2 months)
  12. I want one of these wings. The Saleen web site says "OUT OF STOCK". So count me in. I think a good idea would be to post this in the 4.6 talk forum as well. You know for the 96-98 guys, that should get the numbers up. :nice:
  13. I just threw up a new thread in 4.6 Talk to alert any new possible 96-98 guys about our situation - hopefully some will swing in and get on the list!!
  14. i just had mine delivered yesterday....bought from speedworx
    189 for wing @50 for shipping to NJ(big box) so 240 to my door was decent... Good luck with Saleen....needing 30-40 people says it all...there customer service sucks. I'd suggest contacting speedworx with the 20 or so guys you have. Same product better service.
  15. i want to see a picture i think i know what i looks like but im not sure
  16. This is RIO5.0's car...
  17. oooh i like it let me know when you find anything out i might be in
  18. Is that wing molded on the underside in that pic?

  19. Nope you can see the line if you look close enough. His car is just so dang SHINY :hail2:

    Maybe we should take the groub buy else where to speedworx or to Chad in Florida who is a Kaenan dealer to see if he can work something out.

  20. That's not a bad idea. I'd really prefer the Kaenen since it has the 4 bolts(I believe). You want to try that Nate.